Bitch Drop Rate (by damage type)

So I spent the last seven days farming Bunk3r. Around 8 hours a day, averaging 2-3 minutes a run (Zero, Bore DPS build). Well over a thousand runs. Yes I’m that anal.

I found over 3 dozen Bitchs. I’m reasonably happy with that drop rate though it could be buffed a little.

What is not good is the number of those Bitchs that dropped with anything other than normal damage type. Only two - 1 slag and 1 corrosive.

Am I wrong in thinking I’d like this to be changed so that a higher proportion -say 50% - drop with non basic damage type ? For a number of SMG builds (eg Maya) the Bitch is the single shot SMG of choice. There are other nice SMGs but they nearly all use more than one ammo per shot. I know they do more DPS but often ammo preservation is useful.

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Its not just the bitch.
I’ve had probably 30+ infinities drop , and only one (from the peak) was elemental.
Double the number of bee shields at least , and none with elemental resistance.

And as for farming Sandhawks! shudder

It seems the game loves giving me the boring version of everyrhing.
Goddam biased rng. :angry:

Give me my shock Maggie!
JK , I know it only comes in slag. :wink:


You’re not wrong in thinking that at all, I would have liked to believe that all parts have an equal chance to spawn on a weapon, but in my experience elemental capacitors are extremely rare and it’s a right piss off. Hopefully this is changed in the next game.


I recall that most of Lyudas I’ve found are elemental. As for other drops yes. Have been farming Buttstallion a lot and while I’ve found top parts Jakobs, Torgue and Maliwan weapons I’m interested in, I’m still yet to find top tier elemental vladof pistols, assault rifles and elemental Dahl miniguns. So far just imperfect coorosive Vladof pistol and coorosive Vladof assault rifle. Most of them spawns non elemental.


Yeah most of the Sniper Rifles I find are elemental. Making an SMG character is a huge PITA compared.

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No it doesn’t. No jakobs weapon, aside from the greed pistol, twister shotgun, and stinkpot assault rifle, can spawn with elemental capacitors.

Yes, getting elemental versions of some weapons is a pain in the ass. I’m still trying to get shock, and corrosive emporers for my Gaige.

Do you, by any chance, also have the numbers on the Sham? I’m guessing that you must have gotten a few of those too. Absorb chance would be the stat of interest.

He was joking, as indicated by the winking emoticon…

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Lol. I have a deranged sense of humour.

i like the non elemental flying sandhawk, i do switch to a corrosive for loaders

i soloed all of the peak and i never really got low on ammo even though it uses several per shot. it helps to switch to a lady fist on dukinos mom

never ran out of ammo with this strat

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i did notice that unless a gun always spawns with an element, they tend to be kind of rare

this sucks when the gun is a pain to farm like the bitch or to a lesser extent infinity

not much we can do about it now

Non-elemental actually works pretty well in the peak as excepting the loaders, enemies are actually not more susceptible to elemental damage ie. without BoTA NE actually does more than Elemental. Hence why corrosive is often the preferred element in the peak - it is equally effective to fire even on ‘flesh’ enemies and slightly more effective than NE due to the BoTA.

ive never seen a corrosive/fire/shock vladof anarchist pistol. slag and non ele only.

I’ve seen Shock and Incendiary quite lot, and Corrosive a number of times. They do exist, even if as you say the slag and non-element versions seem more common.

Man I’ve been going at it for 2 days, averaging 4 hours per session with a bore/dps setup with a bee and infinity pistol with runs going from 15-45 seconds each and haven’t been dropping a single bitch. I’m truly jealous you’ve had drops.