Bitch SMG needs a buff?

So I have a lvl50 Bitch with ~250 normal damage, and +85% crit damage, and playing as Fl4k, it still seems pretty meh?? Am I missing something, or does it really need a buff, probably to it’s crit damage bonus?


They are vendor trash for my Fl4k as well unless anointed with damage. (have yet to find one)

bitch’s crit atm is simply not enough to justify low base dmg both zx1 and crossroad outperform it by a margin. it is a headshot gun and should be outdoing both guns on all headshots in terms of dps
gearbox sadly has problem with numbers


The fire bitch I have is pretty good, but the non-elementals are meh.
But the best currently for me is the LOV3M4CH1N3 with +100% on ASE annointment.

Yeah, it seem like things like doing a spreadsheet and calculating DPS is a skill gearbox lack


Could certainly do with either more crit or more base damage.

No it doesn’t. imho
Yes it’s on the lame side.
I don’t mind having some of our old favorites still being powerful but I prefer having most of them as hommage only.
Yes I’m also disappointed when I find one and it’s underwhelming.


They were decent in BL2. They are pretty bad now without a great annointment. But all trash guns can become okay with a great annointment.

With a few exceptions, it seems like they intentionally singled out good guns from BL2 and made sure they kinda sucked now.


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Then they made the flakker, a gun that was good but had a really high learning curve, and made it a god killer. Then returned it to its BL2 status, probably a little better. Same for the butcher, still good but hard to justify ammo consumption. The conference call was sad, but they did buff it and it seems to have some utility on bottomless mags Moze and cryo zane.

The real thing that makes me upset is the fastball and no one seems to really mention it. Such a fall from grace. It would probably be too powerful if it was the same as BL2, but they really kind of gutted and it almost has no place in this game. Most purples are more powerful which should never happen. And they got rid of the oh so satisfying “pop!” sound effect on a successful hit. I’m holding on to it though, just in case they show it some love.

It seems to me that the Bitch, and Jackhammer too for that matter, can’t spawn with the 2nd and 3rd barrel add ons? Just letting them have those extra two part buffs would be a nice start

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