Biting Chill - Kelvin PVP Build Guide

I made a build for Kelvin I call “Biting Chill”. Here’s the guide for it!



Helix Selections:

1 - (LEFT) The Big Chill
2 - (LEFT) Quick Bite
3 - (LEFT) Swelling Wind
4 - (LEFT) Mastication Restoration
5 - (LEFT) Ice VI
6 - (LEFT) Wind Chill
7 - (LEFT) Groupthink
8 - (RIGHT) Windy Season
9 - (LEFT) Overeater
10 - (RIGHT) Absolute Zero

Incursion/Meltdown Gear:

◄Survivor’s Regrowth Serum►
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second
+4.20 Health Regeneration per Second after surviving for 180 seconds

◄Rejuvenating Ekkuni Scalemail►
+5.60% Damage Reduction
+4.20 Health Regeneration per Second

◄Boots of the Brute►
+5.60% Movement Speed
+5.60% Attack Speed
Melee attacks will Slow an enemy once every 3.0 seconds.

Capture Gear:

◄Erratic Internal Capacitor►
+140 Maximum Shield Strength
-21.00% Reload Speed

◄Unstable Bio-Rhythmic Timer►
-7.00% Cooldown Time
+17.50% Recoil

+39.75 Shield Recharge per Second

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Sawtooth doesn’t double Chomp damage, it takes the damage cap from the health % portion (500) and adds 15% to that, changing the cap to 575 damage.

So, same effectiveness on characters that were not hitting that damage cap due to having a smaller health pool, marginal improvement on characters that were… except the opposite option increases your Chomp frequency by a fifth, which means in the long run you are doing even more damage to those character than what Sawtooth gives you.

Although I worded it bad myself in the video, if that is what it does it’s extremely badly worded. I assumed it to mean that now you do 30% damage of their max health + 67 damage and not effecting the 500 hp cap at all. Either way my choice would remain unchanged since I want the higher burst over sustain but still disappointing.

Ugh, it’s so hard to find any clips I have where I can actually see the damage number on my chomps, but I’ve got one here on a benedict for 383 which does suggest to me that you’re right on this one. Unless he was like 4 levels lower than me, which is not impossible, putting his hp at around 1000 and the 67 damage not scaling which seems incredibly unlikely. If this is the case there’s very few characters that would actually ever hit that 575 threshold. Might need to update the build. I’ll need to test this some today.

Very few characters can even hit the 500 damage cap in the first place, it takes about a 2900-3000 hp target to reach the cap. Against a target like that, an extra 75 hp (or less) every 5 seconds is a pittance.

It is, unfortunately, one of “those” helix choices.


So I did some testing today and based on what I was seeing it suggests we were both wrong. So from what I can tell the maximum damage for chomp is 575. Why? I don’t know. Adding about 11% skill damage gear popped it up to 641 max damage. Getting the level 9 morph does not increase the maximum damage it can do. It also doesn’t do what I thought it did and double the percentage it bases the damage off of, but it did seem like it did give an increase, however super minor. My guess is it’s either not adding anything at all, or it is doing 15% of 15% to make it 17.25% which seems to confer with what I was seeing. Obviously not worth it so I’m updating the build but it’s interesting information none the less, I have no idea why chomp is capping at 575.

Were all the chomps on the same target?

Because the 500 damage is the most damage you can get from the 15% off their maximum health. It still adds the base of 67 on there, but if you were consistently getting 575 on the same target, I think that the 67 damage might also be based off some sort of percentage figure instead of being a hard number (Gearbox likes to do that, it’s the same thing they did with Permafrost), though I have no idea what it’d be deriving from.

I’ll admit I’m pretty baffled by the behavior of Sawtooth. I might have to do some testing myself to see what the numbers come out to.

Every target that had enough hp to get up to a max chomp capped out at 575, and then 641 when I had my skill damage gear running. I was on the sentinel so every enforcer, the big thralls with 2 blades, and every boss had the same cap.