Bitter Ripost actually good?

I was looking at the skill list guide, and it rates the skill Bitter Riposte as pretty good. However, I remember the Impaler shield from back in BL2 that fired a corrosive dart at ranged enemies, and it was generally considered a sub-par shield. What makes Bitter Riposte better than the Impaler, when they seem to share pretty much the same effect?

It freezes the enemy like 100% of the time.

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Basicly what Matt said, for just one point its pretty much a gaurenteed freeze whenever it procs, it also does decent damage if you build a lof of her middle tree

Bitter Ripost’s damage is decent, especially with 6/5 from a Celestial Baroness, and can handle smaller mobs without you getting you’re hands dirty. In early game, it is invaluable, as it’s freeze rate is extremely high. Later on, it’s not so good as Avalanche, but one point for the freeze rate is a point well spent.

100% freeze chance seems reasonably decent…

What about the projectile’s speed and tracking? I remember those being the primary problems with the Impaler shield, and while a pretty much guaranteed freeze is pretty nice, if it is still suffering from the same issues that the Impaler did, I may continue to give this skill a miss.

Well, the thing is that the impaler costed you your entire shield slot, while bitter ritoste only costs one skill point, which you have 50/60/70 of. That and the fact that it freezes enimies makes it signifcantly better than the impaler without concidering tracking at all.

the tracking is slow and awkward at times but it is definitely worth the 1 point. Honestly, it is one of those rare skills where no matter what kind of build I was going for I would drop one point into it. It’s just too good to pass up and it’s right at the top of the tree.

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Ok, then I will give it a try. Thanks for the input.