Bittersweet state of mind

Today, February 9, 2016, was the original release date of @BATTLEBORN

Oh, how bitter the wait … :acmferro:

Ah, how sweet that we’ve but 3 months left to endure now :acmaffirmative:

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Its still a SHI* ton of time you know i mean its not that long but still i AM DIEING of bordom

Don’t forget about the upcoming open beta.

on pc?!? OR some other platform?

PC, PS4 and Xbox One. PS4 gets the beta exclusively for a week or two (I can’t remember how long they said it would be for or if they even said how long) before it becomes available on the other systems. Toby will also be exclusively on PS4 for the duration of the beta if I remember correctly. Plus those that participate in the beta on the PS4 will get the first DLC character for free I think. I’ll need to check that last one again. I’m pretty sure it’s a DLC character and not one of the original 25. At first I was thinking that the PS4 was getting Toby as an exclusive, but after rereading I think that you got Toby during the beta, but the freebie was not Toby as everyone would get Toby, and the freebie was another character who was not part of the original game. Something like that.

Oh well amazing il just WAIT and read and read

Cannot wait, the beta will definitely be downloaded. I don’t normally download betas as I have bad luck (Destiny’s beta ended the day I actually managed to get it).

[quote=“TheRandomGoth, post:7, topic:1240793”]
(Destiny’s beta ended the day I actually managed to get it).
[/quote]Thats kind of sad:D.I hope that i will get that Bott… i mean beta and every1 else

Bittersweet indeed, but hey…only 3 long long months.

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Eh, like I said I have XCOM 2 and the overwhelming burden of real life responsibilities to make time fly.

Shouldn’t feel too bad.

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I have Evolve keeping me busy and not much else. Soooo need the beta to hit ps4.