Bizarre annointed GRENADE?

Seriously what is this? I didnt even know grenades can be anninted and in my daily playing of this game since release I’ve never seen this annointment before. I’m trying to get it to work…I think one time Iron bear did shoot the grenade in a straight line but I csnt seem to do it again

If it works imo its the only Moze annointment that doesn’t activate after exiting Iron bear … plus I’ve been suggesting on here that GBX allow you to shoot mozes equipped grenades while in IB anyways since the grenade button isnt used while your in it.

Anyone seen this before ?

I interpreted it as meaning a grenade is put into your inventory 20% of the time when IB is damaged.

No, when you take damage there’s a 20% that IB will drop a free granade, unless it’s bugged as of late. i’ve used one of these myself and it worked!

edit: you obviously need to be inside IB, i don’t know if it works with auto bear though i suppose it could?

Yes it works! When IB is hit there’s a 20% chance it shoots a grenade straight forward! Its pretty awesome !!! Too bad the grenade itself sucks

Does this annointment come on shields ?? Weapons ??

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No, it’s a granade specific annointment

Man… if only I can get it on a recurring hex …

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That would be sweet. though i’d prefer it on a purple atlas tracker myself !

Its bizarre, for weeks I’ve been dreaming GBX would just buff IB to be able to drop mozes grenades but this is even better !! Shoots them in a straight line .

I’d kill for a recurring hex that’s annointed

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That’s… not the worst grenade you could roll for this. Could have been some white, rubberized transfusion or something.

I got one and love it. The grenade I got it on throws out two flame sprayers. And it procs frequently. Good times.

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