Bizarre Dream Thread

We all know that dreams can sometimes be weird. And anything can cause them; from eating spicy food to watching too much Robot Chicken. If you have a bizarre dream that you want to share, post it here.

Here’s mine: Last night I dreamed I lived in a futuristic house with a house-wife. Not too bizarre, right? Wrong. For some reason, my wife was a Dalek! It was mad about something, so it’s only natural to hide in fear when a Dalek is angry. But then it started using the sound waves of a vacuum cleaner to try to find where I was hiding. Then I woke up.

One time I dreamed about an asian dude blowing up a panther with a bow that shot splosive arrows.

Invisible cobra men-

Claymation of the devil slapping a child-

I was losing all my teeth while driving-

Dreamed I was a werewolf trapped under a blanket-

I’m a weirdo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Me being Krieg

Goatse been broadcasted on TV

Driving a micro to the space

I turned into a martian (O-O-OH)

Oh no… not a dream thread! Prepare for a few essays when I am not tired from work lmao!

That’s what this is here for, man.

I’ll crash this one harder then the weird RP thread thing lol.

And a small preview of my most common childhood nightmare: flying coo-coo clock pendulums that stab people to death… yup! When I told that one to a TF2 group, the one guy would go Spy and change his name to coo-coo pendulum and focus on stabbing me the whole game :<!

I once dreamed that I was an alligator fighting Nazis with a machine gun.

That sounds like an awesome dream. And an interesting plot for a comic/graphic novel.

Few nights ago read great book. Went to bed, dream was kinda like the book. Dream came to book sexy time. Wife had the flu and was hot. Like furnace heat. I could feel her body heat asleep. She said I cuddled her so hard.

I am kinda curious if anyone else dreams like this, or its just a freak phenomena for me!

It’s not perfect lucid dreaming, where your aware you are dreaming and can total control it. The only way I can label it is semi-lucid, because of the odd way I can react to death in a dream.

Take this one bizarre one. My hometown I grew up in gets attacked by robots with chainsaw arms and legs. I get shredded to bits and you would normally wake up from that right? I didn’t. My soul went into the largest one. I took control of it and smashed the other ones to bits. Now that’s when the weirdest part came because my mind simulated what its like to be a machine. I was COLD, and as I walked away THEN I woke up.

And a TF2 one that was pretty funny death wise. When I was headshooted by a Sniper, it did the deathcamera thing. Again, a death should wake you up, but instead I went into respawn spectator mode, declared that was bullcrap, then woke up lol!

And the last example, a group of people decided to try and kill me. I get stabbed and my wrists were slit, but I did not die. I then proceeded to kick each and everyone of their butts before I woke up. The disturbing part is my brain likes to simulate what it feels like to be stabbed, so I feel the cold hard steel in my back etc.

And speaking of pain! Ever get an injury in a dream and wake up with the pain in reality? I had a super messed up dream were a flower burst out of my foot… I wake up and my foot is in pain, like I had a Charley Horse and that’s what my dreamstate translated it as…

You seem to have very bad luck in your dreams lol.

Had a weird one last night, which is also the first one in years that I seem to remember that didn’t end up being a nightmare.

Though, the only bit I seem to remember was that I was climbing a rock wall together with some other folk to see who got to the McDonalds at top first.
Only to see it was closed.

The thing is, I avoid fast food and even if I wanted something fried I wouldn’t go to McDonalds for that…

The all mighty golden arches compel you!

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Courtesy of @Omega59


Didn’t come across that guy for as far as I remember.

Both of you deserve a like.

Watch it be in your next dream lmao. Climbing to McDonalds, the Sequel!

That actually brings up another question. Reoccurring places in dreams. Anyone else experience this sometimes? I recognize reoccurring places in my dreams. I’'ll think “Hey, I’ve been here before…” right in the dream!

A messed up version of my hometown is quite common. The bridges and river below being extremely hostile waters. Whirlpools, sharks and crocodiles oh my… The dairy processing plant also comes in unusual forms. I have no idea why it turns into a chemical possessing plant…

Would be kinda fun drawing the whole place up in dream form.

As for recurring dreams, the one I seem to have is that I always end up being the last living person in atleast the neighbourhood, though something tells me I’m all alone on the planet in said dreams.
I consider it a nightmare at this point because I am afraid to lose the few friends I still have (reasons are kept private).

Last time I had this one was roughly a few days before I broke up with my ex which is one and a half years ago, coincidence perhaps?

Only to find out it’ll turn into a T-Rex made of bricks and concrete perhaps?

and shoot laser beams out of its nose, while Mr.Toruge rides it playing a guitar solo.

As for your recurring dream, its probably tired to deep fear of being alone. My bad ones are always me being rejected by my family or bullied really hard. It’s because I tend to feel like I let them down (one with art talent working mall maintenance for example), and also I was bullied growing up since I was different then everyone else. I was an easy target too. It was all verbal, nothing physical.

Our subconsciousness can be dicks :<!

I would give you a hug if I could! Could use one myself.

As for Torgue riding it, I really like him so I hope ending up being his right hand or something.

On the topic of nightmares, been bullied for -let me think- 10 years straight. It was obvious from first grade that I was diffirent from other people.
Hardly hanged out with the boys (who always had been those who bullied me) and nowadays the only dude I consider a friend is also my best friend. Years of being bullied made me insecure, introverted and might be partially why large crowds can give me panick attacks, let alone dreams I had that I rather not remember.

As for family, I’m the black sheep pretty much. But I’m not going further into that unless we can PM.

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