BL 2 Allegiance Run

Good Day Hunters,

I would like to find someone to do an Allegiance Run (Custom one) But instead of one maker of items use 2, roll twice and the first roll is your player and first maker, then second roll is an additional maker, so I rolled a Siren with Maliwan and second roll maker was Hyperion so I play a Siren and can only use Hyperion and Maliwan.

Would anyone else like to join me? I am 45, good sense of humor and play kinda OK :slight_smile: I have Xbox 1 w/ awesome headset, I play 1-2 hrs weekdays because of work (I am EST) if even BUT Weekends are best bet for me Fri and Sat is day/nite and Sun is just day…

If interested in joining me please send a friend request or message me :slight_smile: GT is WabidWabit (Xbox 1)

Link to Allegiance Roll

(Remember roll twice, first roll is character and maker and second roll is 2nd maker.


You might want to ask a mod to move this to THC thread that covers online play- good luck though!

Sorry if I offended anyone, I truly didn’t realize this was not the place to post this.

If any MOD can move this for me that would be great.

Thank you