BL 2 on Handsome Collection Connectivity Issue

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So, I am brand new to the borderlands family. So please be patient with me.

I want to say that I started playing about a month ago. Because of this, most of my friends were already levels upon levels above me. At first I could connect with everyone of my friends that had the game previously except for a specific person. No matter if we hard reset, toggled online off and on, checked nat type, or jumped in to another persons game then quit, nothing seemed to work.

This problem persisted till about a week ago. We gave up on playing with one another until I ended up switching internet providers. After that, we could connect easily without any issue.

The interesting thing now, is that another friend I could easily connect to prior now has this issue connecting with me. It does not matter who hosts or if we use the other methods previously shown.

Anyone else having this issue or have an alternate solution?

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It is unfortunately a known issue, as a scroll through this section will reveal. The problem, as explained in a tech support email that got quoted in one of those threads, is that the XB1 will occasionally use cahced stale connection data instead of actually making a new connection, hence the “Connection timeout” error messages.

Whether there’s more to it than that (i.e. it may be worse on some ISP networks than others) I don’t know. The fixes you mention work most of the time, but it may be the case that sometimes only a hard reset (full power off and restart) will do the trick.

There is also the scary prospect that some folks may have home router/dsl modem units that have been compromised by one of the particularly nasty viruses currently doing the rounds (although these mostly target industrial routers/networks).

The short answer is: no, there’s not much that can be done about it, I’m afraid.

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Heres a link to one of the threads that @VaultHunter101 mentions has several workarounds,

The work arounds work about 95% of the time, I still have these issues occasionally, so this late in the game they will never be fixed, just hoping this issue don’t crop up in BL3