BL 2 UVHM Drop rates

Hi all, anyone else going nuts with 50-100 save and quits trying to farm specific items, and if you total them all up it’s beyond insane,why have they not increases RNG by now. They went insane for drops on BL3. I love BL3 game play but the story drove me back to BL2. Wish we could have loot drops in BL2 that would come close to some degree like they have in BL3.

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Moved to Bl2 loot and weapons.

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We did get a little of that with the Lilith DLC with the high multiple drop rates from Uranus and Cassius.

Doesn’t help if you’re farming a 94% Sham from the Bunker, of course (I have a 93% :slight_smile: ) or another main game item. I think they can adjust drop rates in hot fixes, I guess they just prefer it the way it is.

Hard to know if they have any resources available for BL2 work, I suspect not since they’ve pretty much wrung all the revenue out of that game they can.


Of course it’s easy to get a legendary in BL3 but there are far more variables so for end-game farming I’d actually say BL3 is the more frustrating game.

Certain guns though - Conference Call is a perfect example - are just pointless farming because of drop rates (in this case part of a large pool), preferred element (and not the non-elemental that is most likely) and required parts (vertical grip accessory and matching grip).

As above, there’s little incentive for them to do any further tweaking since the game has little traffic currently which is a tragedy.

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