BL 360 on Xbox 1 problem

The return of BL for my Xbox 1 was great, after a few initial hiccups all is well. I missed all of the add-ons esp Gen Knoxx.
We got it working on local co-op perfectly but at present can not seem to get our son logged in from a remote sight.
Some Info - we are all Gold members if that matters, we both are using XB1’s both have the XB360 game and it works at each location on our XB1’s and we can connect and play BL2 and Pre-Seq w/o issue.
At present I suspect its an issue with the order that needs to be taken in order to get us both sync’d.
If you are playing BL from 360 on the XB1 with a remote player co-op and can assist with the steps you are using to get it started I’d appreciate it.

I haven’t tried co-op yet, but I do now have a couple of characters over on the XB1. I don’t mind trying to see if we can connect.

Moved to xbox1 tech support.