BL both game toughest challenges (i need help)

Hi everyone!

I only need someone that got his plat and knows how to do some 1 shot challenges (no retry). In TPS, im in Titan facility atm and i need a high lvl to help me get the challenge. In BL2 its mainly don’t take down the turrets. I can always try for the vault symbol at therramor… (watever his name lol) hideout but its not a must since i can get multiple shot at it. I just dont want to screw up my trophy for the challenges.

My psn id is jfforlife

Don’t need them for plat their level specific challenges you need all the other challenges besides level specific

Then why dont i have my trophy? and no they arent lvl specific since theres only 1 challenge to do. Its no like to kill 10 guy with a handgun that unlocks a lvl 2 where u need to kill 100. If it is then explain to me wat i need to do caus that trophy i dont have it.

There’s the link to the guide
Your probably missing a hidden shotgun challenge or the hidden rocket launcher challenge that unlocks by completing the level 5 of a certain challenge

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Awesome! I can’t believe i waisted my time with all of those challenges lol Tyvm :smile: