BL characters in BB

The more I play Battleborn, the more I think some BL characters would fit right in. Wondering if there would be a chance as DLC? Krieg running around throwing flaming axes, Gauge and a Death trap super, Mordecai and Bloodwing!! (well maybe Bloodwings offspring). Would be fun I think. I think they could think of some interesting main and secondary attacks for these characters.

I wouldn’t want them right of way of course. Want to dive deep into these characters first. But a way to keep the game fresh later. Would be cool.

Jesus. Take a shot for every time I say “think”. Be drunk by lunch.

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I think they want a new IP to stand in its own. Id like to see new characters first and then a few BL characters after the planned DLC is dropped. Lots of topics on this and the general consensus is that they want this to stand alone first and they might not ever introduce the BL universe to BB universe. :slight_smile:

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No I agree. After a set amount of time. I don’t see why not. Everyone loves a good cross over!

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I’d rather they just add them as alt heads/skins, if and when they do.

Edit: Sal would have to be boldur

I can see that. Shayne and aurox Gauge and death trap would work well!!

Rath would have Zer0’s head.

As cool of an idea that this may be and long time gearbox fans im sure would love it. And most likely some of the new ones as well.

Gearbox has stated time and time again that in no way is this Borderlands or will it ever be. They have stressed so much on how they want this to stand on its own and not have a connection to their past IP’s.

With that said if they do incorporate any borderlands content at all I would assume it would just be the Marking of the Vault Symbol we are all familiar with with the skin being labeled vault hunter or vault dweller, (Skin within BL2), I honestly don’t think actual character skins or characters from borderlands will cross over.

Gearbox has stated that 5 more characters will be released around launch sometime though. So keep your eyes out for it.


Agreed. Having Shane and Aurox having a Gaige and Deathtrap inspired skin would be killer. Same with Ghalt and Gunzerker.

I think the idea of crossing over some of the borderlands characters would be osm, I am one of the odd ones out that has actually never played borderlands so I think if they added in a character or two from that universe would definitely get me more interested in trying them out. I also saw someone bring up bioshock and I have to think to myself, dang, I could totally see Big Daddy being part of the LLC and that would be super sweet.

The consensus seems to be no.