BL feels like an open adventure, BL2 & BL:TPS feels like a rigid story

So I am back to playing BL:TPS again today and the gameplay is still enjoyable but I got to thinking about the story and how the story of BL2 and BL:TPS has taken a mainstage of the game. While the story aspect is great for what it is and is done very well as it is enjoyable I find that it is an adjunct to the core gameplay that was the real inspiration of the main game. Some said that BL had a very weak story or even no real story at all but it did at its heart and that is that you had to find the story and it was not force fed to you. I think this is the charisma from the first game that is missing in the last two. All the games are great but it seems BL2 and BL:TPS are forcing us to like it rather than allowing us to decide. I have no idea if others feel the same way but it is how I feel. If … they only update the mechanics aspect of BL2 and BL:TPS as they have in keeping with what they did and kept the story as more minimal I would enjoy playing BL2 and BL:TPS a lot more. I am at the moment getting back into it and getting ready for the last DLC which I hope is amazing otherwise I think like BL2 I will be putting this game to bed altogether pretty soon. I can’t say the same for BL though as I always enjoy starting up a new character even though the enemies are dumb as dog sh*t it is still a bag of fun. Just I thought I would like to share, you are free to add your thoughts we may or most likely may not draw parallels with mine. For what they are I am glad they exist :smile:


Eh i prefer the story 1 got old due to lack of it IMO

I agree with the OP. I’ve gone back to BL1 a few times, and each time, I get a liitle something different from it. I still think the fact that they made the BL1 story have such an anti-corporation message right around the start of OWS was no mistake. It always gave the game a secial meaning to me, as I can find issues in our society that are reflected in Pandora in a way that makes sense for the BORDERLANDS UNIVERSE (on a planet were 98% of the popualtion are convicts, all of the wildlife is hostile, and there is boatloads of advanced tech in the hands of a relatively uneducated, violent population), a point I feel was lost on the subsequent games.

It was nice to have find the story. I could chose how to interpret different events. It was never clear whether they were right or wrong, or whether the consequences of our actions would be good or bad. It was a very “in the moment” type of experience that only had you worrying about what your next move was. The vault, while you were certainly anxious to open it, was not dangled in front of your face ready to be opened from the beggining of the story. It allowed you to really immerse yourself in the here and now of what you’re doing, as opposed to looking at everything as a means to an end (being the openeing of the vault).

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hardly in borderlands 2, as there was by far the most to do in that game

the pre sequel definintely though

One thing I really love about BL1 is that you are on your own and a complete outsider who has to earn the trust of the locals. You actually feel like a Vault Hunter, searching this desolate and violent planet for your bounty. No paragraphs worth of dialog filling your echo every 10 minutes, holding your hand through the story. BL1 is all about shooting and looting your way to the ultimate prize. I love the atmosphere.

Couldnt have said it better myself.