Bl GOTY Enhanced, Freeze/Crashes at the same spot/spots everytime

(Wintermute07) #21

Guys, running the game as administrator and disabling windows defender solved the problem (problem was with Lilith).

(Arkaiser) #22

my game crashes with all characters. not just lilith

(Occidental) #23

TL;DR: Try running the game as Administrator, see if that works.

Well, I’ll be d@mned.

I disabled all Windows Defender components, and launched the game as Admin using BorderlandsGOTY.exe
PATH: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced\Binaries\Win64\

Now I can get into Fyrestone. The game was hanging when it was loading/trying to play the story-progression message from Angel. Now I get the message from Angel once I kill the last Bandit in Fyrestone.

Now I can exit Fyrestone. The game was hanging when it was loading/trying to play the story-progression message from Angel about Sledge. Crossing the line between the Bounty Board & BLDG 01 triggers the message from Angel, and it can play.

Did some testing w/ Mordecai:
Remember, I couldn’t meet T.K. Baha. It would hang when it went to load the cutscene.

Test: Windows Defender disabled, Ran BorderlandsGOTYE from the Steam launcher.
Result: When I got close to T.K. Baha, BorderlandsGOTY hung, Windows complained, had to force-quit the app.

Test: Windows Defender enabled, Ran BorderlandsGOTYE as Administrator:
System loaded the cutscene, I could meet T.K. Baha.

Having to run a game as Administrator says it’s a permissions-based issue, I’m going try a few more things and if I find something I’ll let y’all know.

(Wintermute07) #24

Crashed again with Lilith after obtaining the mine key (did not run exe as admin), had to do it again. Guys, ALWAYS run as admin.

(Occidental) #25

UPDATE: For now, run as admin works the best.

I found that running BLGOTYE in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode makes the crash-on-story-progression issue go away for newly created 'toons. However, it has a negative side-effect for legacy 'toons.

While running in W8-Compatiblilty mode, from the starting LOBBY, if I click Select Character, and select one of my Old 'toons from BL1, the whole User Interface starts to lag all-to-hell. I’m not talking about during gameplay, I’m still in the Lobby. It looks like this might be a bitwise (32-bit vs 64-bit) issue?

For now, I recommend using “Run As Administrator”.
This works with all Windows Defender options turned on.

So I get into the game faster, I disabled Startup Movies & Launcher.
From the game’s start screen, I made the following changes:
Main Menu --> Options --> Game Options:
Disable Launcher: ON
Disable Startup Movies: ON

Leaving this here for reference:

Running the game in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode fixes the game-progression issue, but causes issues w/ older 'toons.

Now for my fix for the crash-on-story-progression issue:

In Steam, rightclick “Borderlands GOTY Enhanced” --> Leftclick “Properties”
Switch to the Local Files tab. Select “Browse Local Files”
Open Binaries, then Win64.
Left-click BorderlandsGOTY so it is highlighted, then rightclick it and select Properties.
Select the Compatibility tab
Check the box next to “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and make sure “Windows 8” is selected in the dropdown.
Click [Apply] then [OK]
Now try launching the game from Steam. Mine works w/ this configuration.

(Arkaiser) #26

it seems to be working for me when making new characters whilst running the game on admin mode. and it seems its the dialog / pixelated video of Angel that is probably causing the crash, as its the one thing starting as soon as you kill the last bandit

(Wintermute07) #27

Now that you mention, Angel does pop up after obtaining the key (where I crashed last time, exactly at the same moment, after picking up the key).

(Chavovaldez) #28

I was having the same problem with freezing after getting the mine key but running as admin fixed it.

Edit… it’s freezing again going to try Windows 8 compatibility.

Ok that’s got it but I did revert it to fullscreen too, not borderless window.

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(Jessica Noire) #29

I am also stuck trying to turn in the Mine Gate Key story mission. Nothing I’ve read here seems to be helping at all and I am honestly very frustrated. This didn’t happen in the first playthrough which baffles me the most. Guess for now Lilith is stuck there.
On a positive note I found a really good purple Mercenary COM with SMG Ammo Regeneration that should last me well into endgame thanks to this. Shouldn’t be happening though.

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(Occidental) #30

Edit: I thought I couldn’t turn in the Mine Gate Key mission in Sledge’s Safehouse. I’d walk to the center of the circle with the glowing shield over it and the mission marker would only get down to 1M

Facepalm: There’s a switch you have to use in order to open the shield over the key and bring the key up.

I even went back and did the Lost Cave in case there was a trigger there that kept me from turning the Mine Gate Key mission. So now, I’m overleveled for the main story line.

So no, this isn’t an issue for me.

(Jessica Noire) #31

While this isn’t my issue, it did help me understand it has something to do with the key. Let me explain:

I save&quit a lot to save time and did so as usual when picking up the key. However, it appears I did this too fast the last time in PT2 because when I first reloaded, the game would also crash. So I fixed this by switching PTs and simply left the area in that playthrough. Problem solved or so I thought at the time. From here on out the game would crash whenever I tried to turn in the mission at the entrance to the Headstone Mine.
Now then, this post made me try to go back to Sledge’s Safehouse to see what would happen and guess what? It crashes again, every time shortly after entering So the logical conclusion is that I messed up the trigger somehow, potentially causing the Angel intermission to crash the game because I accidentally messed with the flags? I dunno but it’s technically, albeit unintentionally, my fault and I am bad and I should feel bad.

I guess my only option to fix this would be to play co-op with someone at this point in the game and play through it normally without being a cheeky bitch, hopefully fixing the issue. So if anybody is starting PT2, please contact me. PC Version.

Edit: This is no longer necessary as I finally figured out the root cause. Please refer to my next post for info.

(Chavovaldez) #32

I think this is related to the updated Angel graphics. I have had more freezes in my Lilith playthrough and It always freezes on Roland in Fyrestone whenever I kill the last bandit.

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(Jessica Noire) #33

Well, I’ll be damned, I figured it out thanks to this. It definitely has something to do with the Angel intermissions.
I didn’t do this for my first PT but for my second one I used the -nomoviestartup launch command to skip all cutscenes. Disabling that fixed the issue.

So my completely uneducated guess here is that something went wrong when they did the new Angel cutscenes. As far as I remember, using this launch command should not skip Angel intermissions but for some reason, it does in the Remaster, causing the game to be unable to handle this unexpected situation and thus, it crashes.

(How much time do we have?) #34

The same comment was made regarding Fyrestone - apparently, if an Angel cut-scene triggers at the same time as the save point there, it crashes the game every time.

(Chavovaldez) #35

Yes that’s it I had the -nomoviestartup in there also. I removed it and it’s been much better. Still get slowdowns sometimes during the Angel cutscenes but no freezes.

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(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #36

Sounds like they upped angel’s priority. I bet looking through the logs, you’d be seeing some unhandled exceptions.

(Arkaiser) #37

yeah i also had -nomoviestartup, removing it fixed my crashing issues

(shaunseaver) #38

My game was freezing at the exact same location every time. I can’t thank you enough for this suggestion. It worked perfectly, even though I’m not running any AV. Thanks again!

(Occidental) #39

I went full-bore trying to figure out the problem. I solved it, at least for me.

I haven’t been having any issues for at least 10 days now. I wanted to play it alot, and see if I could get it to lock up again. I haven’t been able to.

I undid the run-in-W8 compatiblilty mode, made a backup of the save files, then completely uninstalled the game.

In steam, Rightclick “Borderlands GOTY Enhanced” --> Properties --> Local Files tab --> “Uninstall Game…”

To make sure I was getting a fresh-from-scratch, no-bugs-in-the-bits install, I made sure the app directory at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced” was completely gone. Rightclicked “BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced” --> Shift+Delete --> “Are you sure you want to delete this puppy?” --> [Yes]

Once I was sure it was gone and Steam said ‘Not installed’ I reinstalled the game.

I haven’t had a problem since. I didn’t even need to backup the save files, Steam didn’t delete or redownload them when I reinstalled BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced.

(Rumplebunny) #40

Out of curiosity, what version numbers do you see when you right click the BorderlandsGOTY.exe file (under /binaries/Win64) and look at the Details tab? I have for both file and product version.