BL GOTY game play not registering VIP points

VIP Weekend says if I play on Fri, Sat & Sun I get 1K points each day and an additional 1K if I play all three days. So far I’ve played on Friday and Saturday but no points show up?? Also can’t get Borderlands GOTY shift keys to work in VIP site They do work in the game.

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The points are added at the end of the event (21st) - see the announcement on

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your not the only one this is happening to me aswell and Im pretty upset about it I bought the goty version just for the vip points

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They appear at the end of the event.

VIP points are showing up today (8/20) on my account as separate line items. Thanks GB!

I played all three days and so far only received credit for the 16th and 18th. Not the 17th. But my buddy I played with over the weekend got credit for all three days. Hopefully by tommorow it shows up since the website says itll he redeemed by the 21st

Was this for any borderlands game? Because I’ve only been playing pre.sequel and borderlands 2 over the weekend

I played the GOTY edition all weekend and no points were credited to my profile and today is the day they were meant to show up. Fingers crossed they are just a little late I would be gutted if I dont get them

Just to check - the GOTY Remaster (with the SHIFT sign in, golden chest, etc) and not the original GOTY?

Wow I’ve been playing the original not the enhanced absolutely gutted

Just checked the site and it only says GOTY edition throughout the post but mentions it being 4k but it doesn’t say enhanced edition so I thought I was playing the right GOTY edition. Well RIP my points I’ve been grinding this VIP programme as well :disappointed_relieved:

Stuff like this event require the SHIFT authentication when the game is launched to register, which unfortunately means only the Remaster version can be used.

It does have shift log in but no gold chest so now I’m confused as hell :thinking:

No golden chest in Fyrestone or New Haven? No golden keys? Now you have me thoroughly confused as well! I take it this is on PC?

Just researched it and i am playing the wrong one by the look of it. I checked steam and i have zero play time on the enhanced version. Feels bad man but thanks for pointing out my monumental mistake. I know what I’m downloading tonight :frowning:

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If in fact they meant for you to play the “GOTY Enhanced” they should have stated that. This is very unclear as I myself, was playing the GOTY edition, not the GOTY Enhanced edition. They never meantioned enhanced. I was very thorough to be sure.

Turns out, I was a bit suspicious, and actually loaded the enhanced and played for a bit on a couple of the days just in case. I didn’t fire it up on the last day. oh well. More borderlands shenanigans. They are really bad at the PR crap. I was only doing this for the free shift gear on Borderlands 2 anyways. I ended up with enough points to do what I wanted.

I can see why people would be frustrated with this event on how unclear and misleading it was.

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I did play the enhanced Xbox One GOTY edition and no points for days played, and codes for keys submitted on the web site do not show up in game, they have to be manually entered directly into the game.

Also discovered if you use the Brave web browser, an add blocker, or a DNS service that has blacklists to prevent malware/tracking/enhanced privacy settings the borderlands VIP content is mostly nonfunctional as it never even shows up in the browser.

On the upside, other than some (usually) minor screen tear the game has been wonderful!

This isn’t my remembrance of how 2K and Gearbox used to do things.

PS. How about those five forms needed to try to submit VIP codes?!
(Six if you count the form for SHiFT codes!)

I just realized I had a 2nd icon for the goty enhanced edition, I played for 20 + hours on the standard one this weekend. argh. Oh well I did have fun playing, but really bummed about the points