BL Remastered tomorrow but WHEN?!

Is it available from 00:00 or like early morning or afternoon or what?
Strange that there is no exact news about this really, I read all the news I could find on it, but no certain time, when will I can start downloading and playing it.

I’m thinking of staying up late like on a game launch day so I can check at 00:00 if I have to! :slight_smile:

don’t bother. It’s first come first serve. Unless you have a connection that’ll put you a copy aside.

Found this from a tweet:

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition will be available for digital download April 3 on PlayStation and Xbox Stores at 7am PT / 15:00 BST. Steam users can download the update at 10am PT / 18:00 BST tomorrow. Physical copies & physical pre-orders are limited to the US & Canada.

Iiii… Don’t know what you just said or why you said it. Doesn’t relate at all. You maybe a bot or something. :smiley:

Yes, found it too, thanks.
And FYI guys:
On steam if you click on handsome collection and you have parts of it -or parts of it you didn’t buy- then you can get now with huge discount. You don’t have to pay all the handsome collection just the parts youre missing.

Does anyone know when I’ll be able to download this UK time? I just went into my local Game store and made myself look stupid as the staff knew nothing about a BL1 remaster. They thought I’d fallen for an April fools joke :joy:

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It’s whenever your American GameStop is open.

yes, i know. That’s what I said.

Anyone running on PC? I checked my Steam account but the game has no update listed. I started the game up but its still the original version? I saw a random comment saying the update was delayed until 1PM ET but I havent been able to find any actual information confirming that.

Should be in 2 hours. 10am Pacific

Yup. 10 am pacific = 1 pm eastern.

Thank you both for the confirmation. I was starting to think I was going to run into issues. Excited to replay this. Its been years.

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Well console got the update at 8am PT. And I’ve got my physical copy but I’m not opening it.

Does it have that fresh shrink-wrap smell still?

It’s still shrink wrapped :smiley: all 4 copies they had were gone within 10 minutes. Me and an employee got the ps4 copies soon as the door opened.

i can’t wait till its out!

The closest GS to my place only had 2 copies and they were both reserved apparently, so they called another one in the town over and I got the only copy. FeelsLuckyMan.

And I checked the PSN store and it looked like it’s up.


There weren’t reserves, you couldn’t preorder it. probably 2 employees grabbed them, or a friend of an employee.

I called yesterday and they said that, but she said something about holding them so idk.

Either way, I got one lol

What does the physical version look like? PM me photos. I got my copy. Called as soon as they opened, heard a bunch of dudes saying if the game was available too, lmao :sunglasses::point_right::point_right: mine mine mine

No but seriously trying to get a physical is really bad. I’m sorry to everyone who didn’t.