BL:THC Hot Fixes Rolling Out (Updated 1/25/2016)

(Berserker) #21

That’s great to hear. I have my fingers crossed that the random crashing in TPS (PS4) will be fixed in time.

(Rush86) #22

Its wierd but lately it hasnt been happening that much at all for me. It would freeze quite often now its just once in awhile.

(Jeffybug) #23

New hot fixes are rolling out today: November 9, 2015!

[quote]November 9, 2015 Hot Fixes

Borderlands 2

  • Maya’s Blight Phoenix skill is now buffed to be on par with other skills in the tree.
  • Zer0’s Deathmark ability now receives a larger damage boost.
  • Vermivorous will now be easier to spawn in a single-player game.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • Athena’s “Clear!” skill will no longer cause the game to crash when used on a player who is in a vehicle. This required disabling the ability for a thrown Aspis to target a downed player over an enemy. To compensate for the targeting change, the effective radius of Clear! has been significantly increased. [/quote]
(Where's lucky?) #24

Thanks @Jeffybug


Sweet, thanks GBX. Any word on whether this will make OOO easier to spawn? I know that’s not really related to varkids, but hey figured I’d ask.

(Berserker) #26

Yes! You guys are awesome.

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #27

Any hope that this hotfix gets an upgrade to stay permanent any time in the future? Would like to have the Blight Phoenix-buff, but unfortunately I can’t go online at home (Updates have been downloaded at my buddies home).
Besides that: great updates and fixes, guys!
Keep going!!!

(Not what you think) #28

Looking forward to the Vermivorous fix, I have never ever had him spawn for me in single player, never. crossing my finger, anyone try this yet? By the way, is it buffed in a specific area, or all around

(Rush86) #29

Do you guys know about boomer being glitched in the pre sequel and not respawing?

(Jessica Noire) #30

I’ve “officially” left this forum a while ago but I feel this hotfix is enough for me to give my opinion on it.

Initially, fixing the 4 player glitch left a bad taste in my mouth. Not because of the glitch being fixed itself but the lack of any support regarding Vermivorous and, to a lesser extend, Tubbies it’s absence caused. Some people have shown incredible unwillingness to see just why we are upset about that. As a rather serious glitch it needed fixing of course but it was helpful in some other ways for solo players like me (and people without Gold/PS+ on consoles except the PS3 also like me).
So fixing that left us in a tight situation. The spawn rate of Vermivorous itself was terrible so we had to invest many hours in the game just to get one of them only to be rewarded with a drop we never wanted (Head/Skins being the only drop exclusive to them is a major contributor to that).
Some players like me just want to get everything out of their game. Being unable to access that because of luck instead of lack of skill in itself is terribly disappointing.

As such I highly appreciate throwing us a bone here. I gave it a spin earlier but I had no luck with Vermivorous yet. I’ve noticed most Larval Varkids do evolve now but with wildly inconsistent timing (sometimes I’ve seen Lavals evolve after a Badasses arrived despite spawning at the same time). Making that a bit more reliable would be welcome but it’s not terribly needed.
My first attempt yielded two Ultimate Badasses but no luck after that. Still, it is nice to see them more as it gives some inspiration to keep going.

Tubbies however remain to be a pain to farm. I’ve already left a long rant regarding that somewhere else so I won’t go into detail. The glitch itself only slightly softened the blow as the real issue was them simply dropping too much stuff you can get easily elsewhere. Again, being unable to get exclusive content because of luck is terribly disappointing.
Borderlands 2 is a game advertised to have crazy amount of possible guns. This in itself reaches frustration when you finally do manage to get one of the new Pearls after several hours of farming only for it to be sub-par thanks to parts fiddling with the features that make them unique or even having a lower level.
Some other games also have terrible spawn and drop rates for certain items. Unlike BL however these are almost always guaranteed to be what they are. No random chances regarding parts or even specific levels killing their potential.

Still, as I mentioned earlier I am pleased with having received some support here. The buff to Deathmark itself (instead of restoring the old synergy with Death Blossom) also took me by surprise. That is a pretty interesting move as it made Deathmark itself almost ridiculously strong. It is however very welcome to see.
Nonetheless, I still won’t stay for long here. It’s not the fix to the aforementioned glitch that made me leave but the people reacting to it. That won’t change no matter how good these hotfixes may be.

In hindsight I probably should’ve posted this in the BL2 section itself. Oh well.

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(pourya) #31

can anybody tell me how much big is this update?i just bought a 1o gig pack but update is 38% on xbox one and 9 gigs are this update over 20 gigs!!!

(Del) #32

Mine was 7-9 gigs for the prequel and like half a gig for the normal one.

(Jeffybug) #33

A new hot fix for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is rolling out now for all platforms:

[quote]December 3, 2015 Hot Fixes

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • Boomer is now runnable again (will respawn when a player exits and re-enters the map).[/quote]
(Rush86) #34

Wow thank you so so much. Ive been waiting for this for awhile now. This made my day.

(LootHunter) #35

This interests me, but how is this easier? Could you please explain.

Also, I haven’t played for a while but last night went on and carried on with my reset UVHM campaign. I noticed the game was playing much smoother, seemed like the graphic engine had been updated and optimised (PS4). Has the game had any kind of update in the recent months?

(Jeffybug) #36

Basically, the percent change that you’ll get Vermivorous to evolve has been increased by a bit.

(Jan S.) #37

Yes, a huge one :slight_smile:

Scroll to Updates :slight_smile:

(LootHunter) #38

Yes, and many players who enjoy a good solo session. Actually, I just tried to spawn him since finding out this news, and all I got was 1 super down at the Tundra. I nearly cried. Was the best boss in Borderlands for having hours of endless madness, and now we are expected to attempt this with others using the utterly appalling multiplayer aspect. The most stupid thing is why did they patch it? The game is years into its life now, and patching it was IMO pointless. And the videos I spent days creating are screwed now. Not happy with this at all.

(Jeffybug) #39

New hot fixes for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection are rolling out now across all platforms!

[quote]December 22, 2015 Hot Fixes

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • Players should no longer get stuck on the “File Search” mission during the “Go to Memory Bank 2” and “Reopen Data Stream” objectives.
  • Odjurymir is back until January 4! Look for Odjurymir in Serenity’s Waste for your chance to snag an Ol’ Painful assault rifle.[/quote]
(Chitsa) #40

Ah, now more events like this would be awesome. Take it as a suggestion for other IP!