BL:THC tells me there's DLC "Missing?"

Been a while since I’ve posted on here (before the overhaul) so I thought I’d check in see if anyone else is having this issue:

When I load up my 72 'zerker on OP2, I get a notice saying I can’t gain experience past 72 because the character requires DLC I haven’t downloaded yet. However, if I check the DLC menu, nothing shows up. I get an error of the “can’t find anything” sort.

Any ideas what’s up with that? Bug/issue? Not like I can level past 72 anyways, which makes it even more odd.

I was actually wondering about this as well. I still have Digistruct Peak in the list of fast-travel locations though.

I have this problem too. Can’t level past 72, DLC unavailable, etc.

I’m getting the same issue but I’m able to access all my DLC in Borderlands 2 except for the skins. When I try to use the DLC menu, it says to try again later.

When I 1st started to install this stuff, it told me there was going to be a 16gb update. I just hit A right away not thinking about it. I installed Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel(I left Borderlands 2 alone and watched TV for awhile, came back to find my Xbox had shut off along with my TV and when I turned it back on, the Pre-Sequel was still in queue so I installed it and it took FOREVER). I haven’t been told to update either game since they finished installing and since it says I’m missing DLC in Borderlands 2, I’m wondering if I even got the DLC from that update?

I got a 16GB update for The Pre-Sequel. The one for Borderlands 2 was only somewhere around 3GB. For me anyway.

All of the DLC is there for Borderlands 2 as far as I can tell. I even loaded digistruct peak to make sure it would work.

When I load up a game, my weapons and everything are overleveled like they are supposed to be. But I am still getting the message about not being able to gain levels past 72.

mojo r u op8? i have the same issue but i’m op4… i don’t know if my op will icrease if i complete another digistruct mission (can’t do this alone haha :grimacing:)
btw i have a lv61 character and i dont get the message with this one…

Thanks for the info on this. Passing along to the team to investigate.

Nah. I’m only OP1. lol I am only getting the message with my Siren though as she is the only character that I have gone OP with.

I also had the same problem when I signed in this morning on Xbox One. I did start the game when before it finished downloading after it prompted me with the usual “Ready to Start” message. It said that I would not be able to gain experience beyond level 61 after I transferred my OP8 Mechromancer.

I decided to try to continue any way to see if all of my loot transferred out of curiosity. When I landed in the dust, I noticed that most of the gear from TTAODK was missing from my inventory along with some other misc DLC like my Sand Hawk, ect. I figure it is merely a side effect of loading into the game before the install was complete. So, I deleted the character on Xbox One and will try to re-transfer after game fully installs.

On a side note, has anyone else noticed that the frame rate seems to drop really low once you open the inventory menu? It seemed to dip way down, perhaps another side effect of playing while installing?

yeah i got the frame rate drop too but only on bl2…
i thought this message appeared because i played before the install was complete too… but some people are getting this message… i don’t know if it will affect the gameplay :confused:

Same issue here. I do have Digistruct Peak and can go there, but have the error about missing DLC and cannot get “Enumerate Downloadable Content” to work. Opened a support ticket. Please update if anyone else here gets a response. I have a ticket in for no badass rank or heads and skins too, and have not had either ticket assigned to a support person or received any response other than the autoresponse.

Some missing DLC issues can be due to the game or updates not being fully installed when launching.

Thanks for the patience while the teams work on fixes and sort through support tickets!

I get the error on BL2 also. I’m OP8. As far as I can tell, I have everything besides the missing BAR and customization items. But I preloaded the game days before it launched, so all content and patches were installed before I booted the game up, as far as I’m aware.

Thanks for the response!

I also thought this was an issue related to incomplete installation.

'Far as I can tell, everything is indeed working correctly. Only my OP2 'zerker gets the error, but all gear etc. is safe. Aside from the missing BAR and this moderately annoying bug, all seems well. :confused:

Here is an update on my situation. I allowed the install to complete and then tried re-porting my characters.

I am missing ALL of my heads and skins for each character and both vehicle types with the exception of the appearance pack heads and skins; ie, psycho party pack. It appears that ALL content that is account locked did not transfer for me including BA rank (which is a widely known issue).

On a side note, I am still getting the same message that I am missing DLC and that it is currently not available and to try again later. It seems I am missing several items that seem to be tied to the missing dlc. For example, my Legendary Anarchist and Legendary Mechromancer Coms are no longer showing in inventory, same goes for my Sand Hawks and Pimpernels to name a few.

This would insinuate that CSAHPB dlc is missing, yet I show the locations on the fast travel. The Coms were included with the introduction of the Pearls if I remember correctly, perhaps the dlc is bugged somehow? However, that wouldn’t explain the lack of skins/heads.

Also, there is a very significant decrease in frame rate when opening the inventory menu even after the install was complete.

Another small issue, has anyone else noticed that all game audio will cut off after a while? I have a set of Astro A40s that run through the headset adapter. When this happens I still have party chat through the headset, but no game audio. This is the first time I have had this happen with my set up and at first I thought it could be the connection to the adapter, the cable, ect until another person in my game mentioned that she also lost all game audio and her subtitles.

@estevamlima It seems these items are not available for me to use in game. I had a similar problem before when I had to get a new xbox 360 and transferred all of my game data to the new hard drive for Borderlands 2. After playing for a while, the game flagged my system for having dlc that wasn’t registered to the console. Thus, all of the DLC related items were not showing in inventory and I received the same “Missing DLC” message. Upon re-downloading all of the DLC on the new console the problem was resolved. I wonder if Microsoft Licencing protocols may have something to do with the problem? It would make sense because the DLC would not be registered to that console… Just talking out of my head, but there seems to be some correlation.

The lack of skins and heads would require the same explanation as the lack of BAR and we don’t have one yet. Which sucks, but to me, all that matters is they’re working on a fix.

I’ll have to go through my characters tonight to see if anything is missing. I’m positive all my gear is still there, but a few people did mention missing Sand Hawks that I’ve seen. Could be a bug with some DLC.

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Just wondering about this one as there’s still no specific KB article on it that I can see (the only one that’s close is:, but that one is not really complete, and almost seems to be suggesting that not waiting until the game is fully installed is the issue, which is not the case for most folks here it seems- certainly my game is fully installed, and I still cannot exceed my current OP level). I entered a ticket, and it’s “being processed” but I’ve heard nothing back just yet. Hoping to see something in the support area about this issue, as I suspect from the posts I’ve seen on the forums, that it’s affecting a fair amount of users.

It would be great to play some, but the state of the missing BAR/skins/heads (though I see a fix coming for that, thankfully) and OP levels would seem to warrant holding off-- but for how long?

Thanks in advance for any further info!

Hey @Chucklehead – the team is investigating both issues. I’ll shoot a note to our support crew to get a KB article up as soon as they can. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your patience!

As you can imagine, we’re at a high ticket volume post-launch.