Bl Tps Achievement Glitch

Ok so I’m trying to get 100% on my achievements for bl tps and im really close, practically done. I’m at 62/63 and I notice I’m achievement short. It says I have 61/63 on the dashboard but when I look at my achievements on the achievements section it says I have 62/63. I’m supposedly missing 15g and Idk what to do. I was thinking that if I got another chivo, it’d go back to normal, but still, I’m missing some gamerscore cause of this glitch. There is only 2 or 3 acheivements that I got recently that give 15g that could’ve possibly glitches out. Has anybody experienced this and know what to do to fix this? I’ve tried to restart my xbox, and clear my cache. Nothing works.

Prolly not the right section @Kitty_jo, but I would suggest submitting a ticket or something.

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Ok but how do I do that. I’m new to gb forums

Here is the link for support :

I hope they can help you!