BL TPS Assistance Needed

i lost my Aurelia character. i manage to get the save game from ps plus cloud. my character level 20. on the watch your step story mission. any help is greatly appreciated to finish the story with me. then after story finished, we can play bl2 or TPS and maybe do DLC. and maybe stay as friends or meet new ones to play both games or 1. cant do this right now i be on vacation starting tomorrow until thursday. you all have a good week. see you then.

anyways i back. still need the assistance if anyone will do it with me in TPS with aurelia and also later on with my other lost character which is wilhelm level 21 playthrough 1 for both characters. anyone? takers?

Hey i will help if you help me with borderlands 2 my psn is za_champ

guess you didn’t help then. i suppose i solo my 2 characters again. this seems more difficult than it looks since there’s no one to help me out with this situation i am in. preferably someone who is level 50 so playthrough 1 is easier for me to finish with. Leave your PSN Ids in the comments below. Message when you are ready to play.

seems like no one wants to help at all in here -_-

Similiar thing happened to me. I’d be glad to help you out if you still need it. One of my characters is lvl 70. GT’s gimpyl3g92

still no one out there to help me out with 2 characters it seems like…
my aurelia character lost 14 levels guns etc acquired. my wilhelm lost 13 levels same as aurelia in guns as well. but managed to get 3 levels back for my wilhelm and 1 for my aurelia

apparently this seems so difficult just to finish playthrough 1. As if anyone out there to actually help my 2 characters finish playthrough 1

Ill help either character on TPS my psn is stop_fishing

well thanks. any other takers wanting to help me out with tps? is this too hard to ask for seriously?

@cgermain009 you didn’t even help once or accepted a invite.