BL:TPS can't level past 50

I own BL:TPS on Steam and have purchased and confirmed all DLC content is downloaded and installed but I am unable to get past level 50. Do I need to start a new character or can I play my old one? UVHM is unlocked and I can play it, just not gaining experience. Any help would be appareciated.

Might want to edit this into the [PC/Mac/Limux] tech support forum, as you’re more likely to get a response from someone with a solution there.

Meanwhile, quick question: do the Holodome and Deck 13.5 appear as available destinations on the fast travel list, or are their names missing or prefixed with a ‘•’? If either of the latter, then you don’t have those DLCs purchased/installed, which matters since although UVHM was part of a free update, the additional levels are actually part of the paid DLCs.

Yeah I thought it was, must have scrolled one more, thanks for catching that,. As far as the fast travel, I will check momentarily, thanks for the info.

EDITED NOTE: The Holodome and Deck 13 1/2 ARE on the list for the fast travel.

Can you actually travel to the Holodome, or does it have a bullet point in front of it’s name?

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I can go to the Holodome and participate in Holotrap’s opinion missions, did round 1 and 2 and no change in experience.

In that case, I’d suggest filing a support ticket with gearbox, explaining the symptoms and the steps you’ve already taken to try and fix it. Really not sure what else to suggest, other than the usual delete/reinstall/verify cycle.

Yeah I think that’s what it’s going to come down to, just uninstalling and doing a fresh install. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Make sure you back up all your saves first. Not sure on PC, but on consoles there’s also a “Profile data” file in with all the game saves that contains a whole bunch of key data (bank contents, BAR, heads & skins, etc) so be sure you back up everything.