BL:tPS! Claptastic Voyage Pre-Emptive Anguish Bingo Card (BETA)

Eyes down for another round of soul-destroying, wretched internet torment!

(BETA: Some features may not function as intended in multiplayer. If you encounter difficulty please restart Mirth.exe)


As usual, open to suggestions for new items, bug fixes, etc.

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Too hilarious

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Don’t forget S&S lol

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“Drop rate not droppy enough”

I am guilty of saying that many times. :flushed:

However, after seeing the 4 player couch coop on the new gen consoles … I really want that for PCs. Yeah, that has nothing to do with this thread … exactly … #dealwithit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Or…I thought we were going to be able to go back and fight bosses in previous Borderlands

Where are the Pearls

Not enough new legendaries

No OP levels

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“Caters to borderlands fans”
LOL that’s my favorite

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There should be something about…finished the DLC in twenty minutes

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Applauds Psychichazard

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You forgot about the Wub-Wub. There is bound to be lots of dubstep and techno.



'kay, that’ll go into the alpha, along with the other suggestions above. Keep 'em coming folks.


Heh, awesome!

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There should be 2. 1 saying too much wubs and another saying not enough

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WhyNoZarpedonTooMuchClaptrapNotBl2EnoughRaidBossNotRaidyEnoughNotAustralianEnough Bingo i win!

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Hmm. That’s not exactly how this works.

But good effort, though. You are certainly nearly on the possible list of potential winners, if there were such a thing.

Need more spaces for the inevitable anguish the complaints will cause posters.

I suggest at least a “get good” space if not a “then you’re not a real borderlands fan” space.

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Where’s my free space?!

Oh snap, I actually had to mark off three! No bingo, though.

That made me laugh. Thank you very much :smile:

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Dude it makes me laugh everytime I re-read them,now that’s entertainment

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