[BL:TPS] General Co-op Thread

Too many co-op threads confusing you? Want a thread that will make sure to contain those general co-op requests/offers in a single place? You’ve come to the right thread, pal.

Want to request co-op partners? Use the below format:

Co-op Request: [What you need help with; remove this text]
Desired Platform:

Interested in helping other Vault Hunters out? Use the below format:

Co-op Assist: [PSN of player you’ll assist; remove this text]
Time(s) Available:

Do note that this thread is for co-op in GENERAL, which should help cut down some clutter. If you’re looking for powerleveling, I would highly suggest you check out Yongsan’s powerleveling thread instead.

Feel free to PM me about anything related to the format if you think it could be changed or improvements could be made. Enjoy!