BL:TPS is no longer on Steams top 100 play list

Less than one year old and the numbers are sub 1K daily players on steam. BL:TPS started out with +65K daily players and a month ago with Claptastic Voyage it was down to 8K daily players and is now under 1K. BL2 is 2.5 years old and it is still pulling nearly 8K players daily at around 30th spot on steam stats. Make of this what you wish but having less than 2% of your player base still actively playing the game does not make for a good investment opportunity for further DLC. I would say that closing 2K Australia has hastened the departure from BL:TPS.

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Wait for a good Steam Summer sale and/or get the price of the game w/SP down to $9.99 like BL2 goty and maybe it’ll pick up again.


Maybe not.

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honestly, when they said the season pass would contain all the dlc released for the game, i believed them.

i can guarantee you that they never once expected this game to be as big as bl2. because of that they didnt plan as much support for it.

but so what, its a great game

eh, the game is dying but I got my moneys worth x10000% and I’m still enjoying it. Hell I only have one character at 70 so I’ve still got five more to go and I won’t stop until they’ve all reached level cap.

This, hopefully I can do a playthrough with my brother who isn’t a very die-hard fan.
Also, I was surprised to learn that it was in the top 100 to begin with. The 65k-1k decline is the interesting stat

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This makes me sad.

This beautiful game got such a bad, bad rap.


Not surprised. It was mediocrity in a series of amazing games.


I’m struggling to, at least, finish a second playthrough. It’s just not borderlands to me.

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I understand what you are feeling. To me…the Hollodome, fixing Farmable Bosses, and the last DLC have helped the game immensely and if you haven’t tried the last DLC…you might want to.

But I am an “end game” guy…

I love theory crafting and min/maxing against Raids and bosses…and arenas…and WORK to get the right weapons and equipment legitimately by farm or trade. And I occasionally compete in the time trials which so far has been a HUGE disappointment with this game. The Time Trials show the skill and creativity of the BEST players and I used to LOVE scouring the YouTubes of all the fantastically creative ways folks could kill bosses quickly…totally legitimately…with BAR OFF.

It’s a good game.

For me, it’s not so much about endgame, as it was the general atmosphere and experience. I never got in to farming raid bosses until I was blue in the face for one specific item. I enjoyed stumbling across legendaries from exploring, breaking skag piles, etc. just by playing the game. That’s another rant for another time though.

My issue with the pre-sequel is it just doesn’t grab me or hold my attention. I enjoyed seeing Jack’s rise to power, but everything else felt more like a chore. The npcs were kind of bland, and I couldn’t tell you half the names of the people you meet along the way. Even none of the enemies really stand out. It all really boils down to Lost Legion, scavs, and midgets, with an occasional jetpack enemy.

I’m fixing to do the Eye of Helios mission next and it’s only just now felt like it’s started to pick up. I guess I’m also not a fan of the space station environment.

The characters do look to be better skilled and more interesting, but it’s such a pain slogging through a playthrough. Maybe it’s better in co-op, but as someone without internet, I don’t really have that option, nor new dlc.

When I first played BL2, it was a bit different from BL1, but it was still enjoyable. I didn’t care for the new loot system or raid stuff as much, but I still enjoyed playing through the game itself. I can’t really say that about the pre-sequel. It just felt like a stop-gap to tide people over until BL3.

I’m going to finish this playthrough as the doppelganger, (who is becoming one of my favorite vault hunters), but I don’t know if I have it in me to trudge through it a third time.

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Does it matter?

This will not stop my Nisha plodding on to L70 or my friends & I taking all the original 4 characters through the game. I’ve loved games that probably would have never have made it into the top 100 (NecroVisioN, Cryostasis), even on release. Conversely, there are games in there that I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole! If you have enjoyed TPS and feel you’ve had your money’s worth, isn’t that enough?

The only reason I could imagine that this would matter is if it figured in GBX’s decision making process on a BL3. But the, continuing, success of BL2 is enough to settle that.

I never expected TPS to be “BL3”. For me, it’s been an excellent extra slice of Borderlands gameplay to keep me occupied between major releases. It will remain on my desktop regardless of popularity.


Ironic, on some level, that the anticipation and desire for the getting the space station was massive right up until it became a reality. Sometime people just think they want something.

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Story of this game. People asked for different stuff, GBX gave it to them, those same people didn’t want it.


Yes. There seems to be a perception that BL2 is a continuing success when in reality the most success it had was building up to the launch and most of this was based on the hype from the success from the first game. BL:TPS did not experience this same hype because after the launch of BL2 everything got messy, people got angry and the game we got at launch is quite a different experience to the game with all the patches (nerfs, drop rates, level cap raises, bug fixes and DLC). What is likely to have happened is some fans are pissed off at Gearbox about any number of issues from BL2 and have moved on to other games, other fans are waiting for the GOTY edition (which represents a huge loss to Gearbox if this is the case). What Gearbox really need is for people to buy the game up front and same with the season pass but they have poisoned the well in the last game and again in this one that makes people shy away from believing they will get good value for money and preorder without hesitation. Hardcore fans are likely to buy everything anyway but there are seriously not enough of them to fund games of this size by their sheer numbers alone. These games need the casual player to keep coming back in order to remain profitable and with the rather disappointing sales of BL:TPS this might cause a problem for not only BL3 but also Battleborn as really most of the customers for Battleborn are likey to be from Borderlands and many of these fans are now a bit gunshy. Goodwill has been burned.


I didn’t want to get in Elpis. I wanted to get on Helios and love Helios.

But Elpis… meh. I mean, it’s good and all, but Pandora is better.

I wholeheartedly agree. Pandora is a huge world and a lot of it still undiscovered I hope we return again in BL3.

what place is bl1 on the steam top 100 list

bl2 is the most financially succesfull game 2k has ever released, and sold more dlc than any other game they released.

a large part of the outcry from casual fans was over tps not being a next gen title. i am willing to bet that the large number of those people will forget all about tps when bl3 is officially announced, especially since a fair amount probably skipped over it anyways.

this game was not supposed to a marketing machine, its largely just more for fans of the series who couldnt wait all the way till bl3, and so 2k could make money off the franchise in the mean time.

just because you’ve become disillusioned with the franchise, doesnt mean everyone else has to be


I don’t expect a successful game from around 6 years ago to be on the steam charts however I do expect a successful game from around 6 months ago to be on the charts.

I do not wish the following to be true but I believe it to be true. I truely believe that BL2 and BL:TPS have sullied the fanbase so much that Battleborn will suffer considerably and if it fails to be profitable it is quite likely there will be no BL3.

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