BL:TPS One Life Run for Child's Play

Looking for one or more people that would be wanting to do a One Life to Live run of TPS for Child’s Play Charity. Was debating BL2, but with the smaller content of BL:TPS, it fits better into a weekend schedule. You can message me on here if you’re interested, include your Steam alias and I’ll get with you.

Care to explain the concept? Also, what level are you looking for?

The concept is One Life To Live…meaning exactly as it sounds. Full clear of game without dying. Downs are fine as long as you get revivied.
Child’s Play is a charity foundation that provides game consoles for children in children’s hospitals. They have done research to prove that children that can communicate with others and game with them in the hospital actually have better recovery times because of mental state. You can find out more at
The idea is we stream (I can stream it) and as we clear, people watching donate to Child’s Play. It would more than likely be a full 24 hour stream (either at once or broken up over a weekend).

I’ve done these before in BL2 … it is a different kind of game play.

We had a limit of 4 lives per team.

I was surprised how far we made it. Mad Mike (I think) got us for 3 deaths with his rockets, then we made it the rest of the way through NVHM.

I’d be up for it. My Steam id is the same as my id here.

Edit: And falling off edges did not count as deaths. Only deaths where one went info FFYL counted.

Cool. I’ve got a buncha lvl 70s and one lvl 61, and I’m down for it.

Steam id is wintypes / Ha_Na, time zone is CET.

What about stupid deaths like falling into lava and such?

If you need more people I am willing to participate, diogenes49 on steam

Hopefully everyone will have mics, and this type of game play requires close communication and planning.

mic, check

same. But I’d still like to know about levels.

Are we doing a fully equipped lvl 70 run, or are we doing a clean start from lvl 1 or what?

The whole point is start fresh. If you die, you delete character and start a new. And yes, mics are required and I have a Ventrilo server to use.

Alright. But then again, nehm is pretty easy and forgiving, and thus unspectacular imo. (much less bonuses and penalties for element matching)

What if we start a lvl 70 uvhm without gear and BAR instead?

Then it wouldn’t be a true one life to live challenge, thus defeating the whole purpose of what I want to do.

up to you! I’m down for any challenge. Got any set time?

Also, what about stupid deaths?

  • Getting pushed into death pits by
  • enemies
  • exploding barrels
  • colliding with team mates midair
  • getting stopped mid jump by knockback effects from the red glitch or a claptrap’s One shot wonder
  • colliding with team mates’ vehicles midair

and other stupid accidents like that?