[BL:TPS] Powerleveling Thread

Due to the number of powerleveling threads, I think it would be helpful to
keep all those requests/offer to help in one thread.
Here is what I suggest:

Request for help by replying to this thread in the format

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level:
Desired Level:

Offer help by replying in this format

Powelevel: Assist
Available Times:

Hopefully this helps bring those looking for this specific topic together to one thread.
Please PM me if the format should be altered/improved smile


Ill pay 21mil if u power leveline psn Vindogg _ds

Need some quick help getting to 72 Iā€™m a level 63 siren. Psn jberish308

Looking for someone to help me get my character to lvl 70 and will of course return the favor my psn is damious1990 add me daily player currently lvl 50 tps

I will power level people in BL:TPS if they can get me to 72 in bl2 im already level 65

I can do that have some op cross saves I can lead over from bl 2

whats your psn


Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 30
Desired Level: 72
PSN: annihil88torr

Powerlevel request
current level 56
looking to max level on tps will return the favor
psn damious1990

Power level: Request
Lvl: 55 siren
Desired lvl:63 or higher
PSN: Able-Motionz

Level 50
Level 72
Psn DoodleBug523

level 70
desired level 72
psn olBiohazardlo

If someone could help me power level to 72 I will repay a few days after. Iā€™m a level 39. I had this game for PS3 and I farmed constantly. Add me please : Call_me_Deej_

Current Level: op4
Desired Level: op 8
PSN: annihil88torr

Power Level: Request
Current Level: 13 Fragtrap
Desired Level: 70
PSN: Die_Blass_Reiter

Current Level: 1
Desired Level: 57

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 61
Desired Level: 70
PSN: tarkan666
can Powerlevel you to 72 on borderlands 2 in return

i can help with that if you still need it

Power Level Request
Current Level:12
Desired Level:50
PSN: knctdtojsus