BL Triple Pack for 50 bucks

50 bucks, 3 games, all DLC’s. Opinions?

Nice. If only it had come out earlier if it’s available for PC, I could have saved some money :p.

Sounds like a steal. I’d buy it.

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If all of the DLCs are included on Disc then I would say it is definitely worth it, especially for someone who doesn’t already have the games or DLCs. If it is available in the US and if I had the money, I would probably buy it when it is released just to have all 3 games and all the DLCs on Disc. However, for someone who already has all the games and DLCs it probably isn’t worth it if the DLCs are gotten thru online download (via included codes) and not actually included on Disc.

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If only there’s a PC version :disappointed:

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Seriously, how do you beat that price with all these games? The content would keep you busy for a long long time!


A bunch of us was sayin a port to next gen would be a no brainer buy. I wanna kill nine toes in hi res.

i’m glad to see Gearbox/2K finds ways to continue drive revenue for this great franchise.

Bringing in money 6+ years after BL1’s release influences current Gearbox decision makers to make long term decisions with the present day Borderlands 3 game development.