BL V.I.P Season 2

So I was told that the second season of BL vip. Was supposed to start this month. Does anyone have any details of when it’s supposed to come?

No idea… would have to ask the staff about it.

I don’t know how…

Should start July 13, and Season 3 on August 13.

@Noelle_GBX? Can you confirm?

Of course it just a speculation, it also could be that Season 3 will start later and overlap with BL3 launch, instead ends on Sep 13.

Thank you everyone for your time, and for helping out it’s greatly appreciated

Hey everyone. Have we heard about our next season. It’s the 13th a new code yesterday…

Any word on anything?

Not yet, we need to wait. On July 16 there will be some event, maybe S2 will start then.

I would like to know myself when S2 will drop. I want to see what they have for us. I am kind of thinking it won’t drop until FL4K skill trees are reviled.

What event is that?

FL4K’s reveal probably will be at Gamescom on August 20.

Celebration of Togetherness

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Thanks GrzesPL. :slight_smile:

Also saw that San Diego Comic-Con is on Thu, Jul 18, 2019 – Sun, Jul 21, 2019. Might be at that time as well.

Ok thanks guys