BL weapons in Fallout 4

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I hope you’re still playing when I release these!

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Just started, and still need to complete Play-through 1… Or the DLC… Yeah, you take your time! :grinning:

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Here’s one of the made-up legendaries I added to show off all of the different manufacturers for an initial release:

It’s based on the legendary Harold and fires gyro jets, but which don’t split into more projectiles… though that would be really fun.

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As long as they EXPLODE! Torgue will be happy.

Any ETA on this?

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Likely not before the end of the month but not soon after. After the art is finished (and for all material grades) I need to go over stats again, make sure nothing is broken, incorporate items into the game to find/buy/craft and set level requirements on everything.

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Cool. Are you planning on making it compatible with Valdcil’s Item Sorting mod? If not, I think I could make up an esp fairly quickly.

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I just want to get it working by itself before thinking about patches and compatibility with other mods, after release. I know that mod is a popular one.

What’s even better is the people who use those mods making compatibility patches themselves, which I very much encourage :wink:

Ideally, if in an alternate universe I were to finish making every one of these guns, I’d like to treat this mod as a complete weapon replacer, and to add in all of the gimmicks from BL like loot drops, color-coded rarity grades, etc. But for now, when I release revolvers it will have to be incorporated into the game a bit more discreetly.

I don’t really want to create a lot of conflicts with other mods and such, so I definitely want to make it easy to make things compatible.

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And with this:

I am finished. The art - going to be testing and getting the rest of this stuff together in the coming days. If you want to help test this first installment then shoot me a PM. :smiley:

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Oooooo… SHINY! Great job!

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First release:

If anyone plays Fallout 4, let me know what you think.

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Nice, any plans about implementing a PS or Xbox version for it, haven’t really dabbled in FO4 mods before so I don’t know about cross compatibility or anything…

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Soon, yeah.

Unfortunately, after I reinstalled my OS the creation kit’s .ba2 packer refuses to work for me, so I’ll need to get someone else to make an archive, possibly even upload it with my permission if I can’t do it myself.

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You’re an artist in the truest definition of the form.

Spectacular stuff.

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Thanks, dude! I’ll try and get it on consoles soon, though I’ll be away all this next week.

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No worries, just the art of the page looks sick.

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Just uploaded v.1.02 to xbox here:

I hope there aren’t any major issues with it since I haven’t yet seen any comments from users so far.

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Don’t play Fallout 4 anymore unfortunately, but these look quite nice. I’d make the normal maps a bit more intense (From experience, flatter, less rough normal maps look better this way), but the texturing and modelling is quite good here, you’ve done a great job, not to mention dealing with making the guns into multiple parts for the customization system.

I would also try tweaking with some fancy shaders, maybe use the in-game reflection system to get it to look a tad bit more metallic. That could do a lot for your textures, here.

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This is really amazing man. I don’t play Fallout 4 but if I ever pick it up this will be the first mod I install.

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I’m still working on this. After a few big life changes, I can get back to finishing the rest of the weapons from the game. Right now I’m working on combat rifles.

And it will be nice to get all of the burst fire effects (with toggle-able options) working in-game.

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I have 1 more combat rifle left to make:

It’s going to be a little while before I can update to 1.1 though and iron out a lot of the bugs from the previous version. My idea to copy only the records for the guns that I had finished isn’t going to work, so the plugin is sort of rebuilt as well. It will be a big change potentially that will break people’s games but it will be for the better :slight_smile: