BL weapons in Fallout 4

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I got really confused by his original post. And I’ve been playing Borderlands 1 since it came out, as well as Fallout 3 and 4 and I’m a computer programmer and a smart guy in general. I could use a translation.

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Ready to get these in-game and textured:

1.1 will be released this month, with any luck.

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Nice, Combat Rifles will be a nice addition. Any ideas on a PS4 release?

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Sony doesn’t allow any new external content with mods, so unfortunately, no. This mod is like 100% new, external (outside of vanilla .bsa archives) content.

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They really shot themselves in the foot there, huh?

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Yeah, for reals. There was a negotiation as I understand it to even allow mods in the 1st place. So now the only stuff PS4 players get are just plugin changes, no new assets like meshes/textures/scripts/materials/etc.

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As I understand it, initially they weren’t even prepared to do that. I wonder if their attitude would have been different if the ratio of PS4 to XB1 sales was the other way round? MS has obviously been at a substantial disadvantage since both consoles launched (also because of shooting themselves in both feet multiple times) but, as a result, we have family XBL membership for the same price as a single person, all sorts of game sharing options, backwards compatibility to keep countless 360 games viable, and a broader range of mods available in Skyrim and FO4 while Sony was still dragging it’s feet (still not the same level as PC, but still…) Sony’s still way ahead on sales, and they’ve cornered the market on exclusives, but as a result MS is having to try a lot harder. Interesting situation to watch unfold, especially with the possibility of VR actually coming to both platforms (see project Scorpio specs, for example).

Anyway, excellent job on all the pistols and ARs! Very impressed with the way the pistols have turned out.

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This mod is what will drive me to try a mod based playthrough. I’ll also add the “start as a different person in a different place” mod, and some others too. I might add some others too, like the “create a workbench anywhere” mod.

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My son installed one that shows all the enemy spawn locations around each settlement. Makes placing defences so much easier! I’ll secretly load into his game, note all the locations, and then resume back in my own mod-free play-through with better defences.

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I almost always kept my settlements well defended with turrets and guard posts. So I rarely had to defend anyhow. But maybe I’d play differently next time…

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Placement is key. Knowing where the spawns are lets you concentrate turrets at the key points, meaning you can save on resources and build a better settlement all round. Just recently had a deathclaw spawn near The Slog, but it was (a) blocked by a wall, (b) badly injured by turrets and © finished off by myself and the settlers while it tried to find a way to climb up to the pool deck. And then the settlers randomly started shooting at the crops on that side of the pool for some reason… Gotta love this game!

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Got 1st of 5 rifles ready for showtime

Hopefully the rest will come a little bit sooner than in 3 weeks, each, so before start of summer.

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Here’s something while I work on 1.1:

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This is fantastic. Great work!

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I think a good idea would be to make it show what level rarity they are while there in your backpack so we don’t have to drop them to see the rarity. I also think a good idea would be to set up the equation so that it is based off the rarity, tech level, and introduce a gear/weapon level so that there would be a less of a chance to have negative or 0 stats on the weapons. So if the gear/weapon level was let’s say 0 then the lowest a stat could be is 0 is the weapon level is 20 then the lowest the stat could be would be 20 or set up the equation so that it could not go below a certain number. This way it could help prevent having 0 or negative stat points in the stats. So have the gear equation then add the gear/weapon level added after the math is done.

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Thanks. Have you played the mod?

The way that the HUD works in Fallout 4 restricts everything to being the same color, so even though modders have the ability to add their own widgets, now I don’t know what I could do to indicate rarity level in inventory and menus. I’ve thought about it but I’m open to suggestions. Only legendary weapons get a star after the item name - maybe it would be possible to add something similar after each item name like a letter. But I’m not sure.

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Quick little update, I know it’s been a while:

Took a little detour away from CRs into Repeaters. They’re easier to texture, anyway.

S&S material 2 looks pretty good on this one:

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A shot of the Firehawk in action:

Repeaters should be out by the end of this month!

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Here’s some sweet DAHL desert camo, material 3