BL weapons in Fallout 4

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Nope, the mod isn’t dead. Real life just has this awful way of directing things sometimes.

I figure these combat rifles have been sitting around for about a year and they should be finished…

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I made a chart with a standard combat rifle showing material variations, inspired by this:

Zoom for full rez

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Hyperion material 2 looks pretty good on the combat rifle 4 variant

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Borderlands’s proportions are way too large for this game’s 1st person

Or these might have been made too large, I don’t know

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someone ID these parts, should be pretty easy

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stock1, AR body, barrel4, and I think that might be the Tediore grip. Quite the solid combat rifle there.

Did you manage to tweak the 1st person model so it doesn’t seem so in-your-face?

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I’d noticed that the guns in BL1 and BL2 are over-sized compared to real life. Some of the ARs are monstrous, and a sniper with a melee attachment is long enough to be a pike.

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Yup. So I’ve finally got these all prepped more or less for visuals

Hope to have a new release soon…

V. 1.2 with combat rifles is out. If anyone plays Fallout 4 on PC can get it here, will have an xbox release soon:

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Made an updated xbox version but I don’t have an xbox, so I can’t very well test it:

But I’ll try and attend any major issues for the time being.

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Is there a minimum level a character has to be to access these? I don’t mind firing up a new one with mods enabled to give this a whirl.

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Guns start dropping at around lvl 5… I think? maybe lower, i need to review the leveled lists again. It’s pretty low. And they’re in merchant lists before then.

It’d be great if you wanted to test! I have nobody doing this, really. Just uploading xbox versions blind :slight_smile:

There was some issue with textures apparently, I just re-uploaded, hope it’s fixed.

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Ran a character up to level 7 and then loaded in your mod. A couple of drops so far - the below and a shock version:

The shock and corrosive effects seem to fire off just fine. Haven’t found anything else that’s a BL1 weapon yet, but I’ve mostly been knocking off ferals and critters, who don’t tend to carry weapons :stuck_out_tongue:

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So awesome! That’s a pretty good Tech Level… the way I’ve worked it is it’s directly reflected in the amount of energy damage on the card. Only the proc rate is hidden, but still influences naming convention so that gun still only procs at x1, hehe!