BL weapons in Fallout 4

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Finally got back to FO4 with your BL1 mod. The goodies are coming fast and furious now. And I mean that literally - was up against a legendary raider, and the gun shot sound was… unusual. Here’s what he finally dropped:

I’m not sure that fire rate works exactly as advertised on XB1, but it’s still pretty impressive!

Also found this in the same run:

For some reason, that one shows up offset to the right when you first click to inspect the weapon - basically, the tip of the barrel is centred on-screen. And I don’t have a screen shot yet, but I have a MAL Exploding Revolver - impressive OSOK weapon, that!

What was the last game you played?
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The fire rate in Fallout 4 has never made sense to me… it’s dimensionless at least on the card so who knows what the number actually represents.

The laser sight modification offsets the rotation origin of the weapon when previewing I think.

Awesome you’re finding some better gear. Higher-level enemies should drop better loot.

One thing on my expanding list of things to do is come up with different firing sounds for repeaters. Like the other weapon categories have now.

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Finally got these bad boys into production!