bl1 and bl2 comparison

So. been playing bl1 for a while since the chat servers were restored.

I played the original aeons ago on pc, before dlc.

I offer a couple reactions (i won’t cover loot and leveling since this is a well worn topic) even though I find the guns a bit more broadly fun.

The environments on bl1 feel more real or better fleshed out. bl2 seems much more crayola, sketchy and it seems like the outlining is a tammy fae dose of mascera. Buildings and installations seem to have a sense of real purpose. Driving around is much more interesting. Oddly I am now finding the AI much more rational in bl1. Things move with more deliberate purose (aka killing me) and adon’t spam brownian motion as means to make them harder (tediously frustrating) to kill. Everything from skags to bandits in all flavors seem to move with a bit more sensible fluidity. short form: environments better in bl1, ai had something bl2 lost.

And yes, it is great to have enemies drop the weapon they use. It is an avenue that merits exploration in another game… make it obvious what they are carrying before agro.

It is also very interesting to note that Brick is more crazy than Krieg in rage mode. Tannis is right about rabies meds.


Another thing I would like to add is how Skags and Spiderants as a whole were actually very dangerous in BL1. A group of either could take you down pretty fast and if a BA showed up you knew you were in for a fight.

Oh and weapon proficiencies need to return, I’ll take those over BA rank any day.


I agree with everything in this thread.

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we could have both, just have BA rank boost things that are non-gun related


I’d be all for it.

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Yeah but if we were to go both BA and weapon prof I would atleast want them to reduce the level from 50 to about 40. Because you are focusing on both.

I’m surprised to see a call for a return of proficiency, unless it was open-ended…somehow.

Personally I hated how BAR was “open ended” there was no reason to try and do it, since you’ll never really get anywhere except increasingly diminishing returns.

Proficency had a clear goal, and the effects were noticeable. Also unlike BAR you had complete control over which type you increased. I have characters that have 50 prof in 2 weapon types and 0 in everything else.

Despite GBXs claims prior to Bl2, in the long run BAR is just a very slow increase in everything.

Proficency wasn’t perfect though. I’d like to see a system similar, but with a better implementation than “xp levels up your guns” since it was so easy to exploit.

My idea (which I’ve said before) is to have challanges tied to Proficency. So if there’s 3 Challange types for each weapon, then each time you comple a teir you get a bonus to that weapon. There is also melee, grenade and shield based challanges, so they could have Proficency to.

I don’t disagree. But the bl1 proficiencies did lack something…especially once maxed out, which is what I believe the BAR system is designed to amend. Not saying it’s perfect, but…better.


Blizzard did well with paragon, a pool of buff points that can be distributed to skills in four categories. The problem with challenges is they get grindy. I have over 180k ba rank just from playing about 15 characters. Only one Sal has prestiged. Once.

The downside with bl1 proficiencies design is your character gets pinned to certain weapon types. A pain in the ass for end game experimentation. BA ranks interfere with some builds like health gate abuse or shield delay. Personally I like taking damage buffs over durability buffs because I like the challenge of a glass cannon often.

Skyrim did ok by proficiency by usage then an allocation system. It might be interesting to gain objects that buff skills. Kinda like an a la cart com and/or gear mod system. That could make a crafting system interesting I suppose.

Gbx should not feel obligated to investigate Destiny’s bounty system. I put the game down after burning on it. (Think Capt Scarlet and her final comment on Herbert) : )

Maybe its nostalgia or that bl1 seems fresh after so long an abscence but I find the orignal spider ants cooler too. About the craziest enemy so far are those scathy-watcamacallits and their weird flipped out flying.

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I never quite understood this. Its not like its hard to fix. Id much rather work on an empty proficiency stat than grind for badass tokens.


Yeah, all it takes is some Guardian Killing or the sneaky “get Rakk Hive or Craw down to 1% health and finish them off with low proff weapon type” method.

And I’d rather just shoot stuff in face as I please. : )

I certainly prefer how you don’t end up having to boost stats you don’t like. What I’d like is a more flexible bad ass rank system. Don’t have it force you to boost low stats. Have each stat something you can disable on it’s own. AND let it allow you to put points into more stats. Like SMG mastery, Pistol mastery, etc…

And more! Oz kit air capacity, Oz kit slam damage, melee speed.

What I love about bad ass rank is being able to improve all my characters at once and effectively making my brand new characters more and more uber.

Very true. At end game you can max out a new stat just fighting high experience stuff. I maxed out pistols fighting Crawmerax worms. Yet I hadn’t really used them much the whole game.

However, once you max them the only thing left is finding better gear. And they don’t help your other characters. Plus, I think the challenges in the bad ass rank system are more fun to target. Sort of a game within the game.

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I have nothing against BA rank, but would gladly trade it in (if given the choice between the two) for the return of weapon proficiencies.

What I love about proficiencies is that the game rewards you directly for your style of play.

Back to on topic. Yea. BL1 had a different feel to it. It’s kinda hard to nail down. The pirates DLC for BL2 actually reminded me the most of BL1 because of the dried out sea concept. If you read about Arches national park you’ll know what I mean. Borderlands 1 had a lot of places that reminded me of that park. That said, I enjoy the heck out of both games.

The funniest thing I thought of related to comparing both games recently is this:
imagine the player who played BL2 first and then went to check out #1. What’s priceless is: the first time he realizes that fall damage is implemented in BL1 when he’s used to jumping off all kinds of stuff in BL2.

edit: also I love the pre sequel for it’s different feel and new mechanics and classes.

So… how about if they extended proficiencies to everything then?

IF you use turtle shields a lot then your turtle shields get even higher shield capacity and lower recharge delay.

Use amp shields a lot? Your amp shields get a shorter delay and higher amp damage.

Roid shield bonus: longer delay and higher roid damage.

In other words, logical bonuses would be applied to heavy usage of any type of item. Tesla grenades would grow in size and damage.

An Elder Scrolls approach? I could get behind that.

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Yeah all ~100 damage of it. It was never an issue except at really low levels.

And Baron Flynts dig site, but that was a killbox, not fall damage.

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