BL1 Anyone wanna play?

Hey guys, been a super long time since I’ve posted on this forum. I’m sick today and am available for the next few hours, is anyone interested in joining me in playing some BL1 online? I have a level 66 Mordecai, however kinda wanting to start a new playthrough at the same time.

If anything, Steam name is adolfshnitzer, send me a request and join me!

I’ll add you…just started a new playthrough…never finished B1, because I got into Borderlands with the B2 announcement and played the hell outta that. Pretty stoked for the new B1 releasing on April 3, so I’m gonna shred a bunch of hours in B1…right now I have a level 11 Lilith that I’m playing.

I’m Flint Prophet on Steam, I’ll friend you up.