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I must be missing something I’ve read the guide but unable to see/transfer my saves over.

I have played bl1 on my Xbox 1 using backward compatible. I have just booted up BL2 on the same box but unable to see any save files in the cloud.

I went back to bl1 and save is defo there but when I have the option to change storage type there is an option for cloud but pressing it does nothing. The bl1 looks to be on my HDD.

How do I get this over? Tried and tried. Read guide and googled but having a problem. Is it because it’s on backward compatible?

Thank you :grinning:

It works differently to the cloud save/sync on BL1. The following works for either BL2 or TPS.

  1. Start up the game on 360 and select your character
  2. If there’s anything in the stash you want to transfer with the character, start the game and grab it then save and quit.
  3. Now select “Cloud Save” and upload the current character.
  4. Switch to your game on XB1 and go to “Cloud Save”, then download the character. You’ll be asked if you want to save as new, overwrite, or cancel: make sure you choose “Save as new”
  5. Go back to the 360, select a different character, and repeat. Note that you’ll be asked if you want to overwrite the existing cloud save: you can safely do this if you downloaded on the XB1 already.

Couple of points:

  • This transfers all your progress, BAR challenges, heads, and skins for that character, along with their bank and storage items (but not the stash)
  • You’ll still need to reassign your BAR ranks once you’ve finished
  • You get to earn all the achievements all over again, since technically the HC versions count as new games
  • In TPS, you’ll find a bunch of key codes to redeem in Shifty Sheldon’s kiosk in Concordia, especially if you had BL1, BL2, and/or Tales from the Borderlands purchases

Thank you for your reply but still unable to do it

I boot up borderlands 1 on my xb1 (using backward compatability not an x360). I then select my profile and when loaded I can go into options and select storage device. I can now see cloud saved games with 1.9gb free. I fast travel where it will save progress I click then escape and save.

I open up bl2 from my handsome collection and click cloud saves and it say no online save game found

You can’t use a Borderlands 1 (original Borderlands) save in Borderlands 2 on any platform, which is what you appear to be trying to do. The Handsome Collection only includes BL2 and TPS.

If you want to play Borderlands 1 on your XB1 in backwards compatibility mode, you will need to do one of two things:

  1. If you had the game on 360 on physical disk, insert that disk into the XB1 which will trigger a download of the digital version. You will need to put the disk in every time you want to play BL1 for DRM reasons.

  2. If you had the game on 360 through digital download, you should be able to download the compatability version on the XB1 directly through the store.

Once you launch BL1, you should be able to see any BL1 saves accessible on your profile that ar in the cloud.

I bought bl1 through digital store on my Xbox one for backwards compatability I have handsome collection on disk for Xbox one.

Again thank you for this help

I am having the same issue. I have a xbone with the backwards compatible borderlands 1 and the 's version of the handsome collections. Borderlands 1 does not have a cloud save option. But it does have a storage option 1.9 gb but borderlands 2 cant find it saying I need to upload b4 downloading

Both backwards compatible games require you to have your saves in your Cloud Sync drive on your 360 before you can access then on your XB1. This means if you didn’t already have them there, you’ll have to move them there manually using the system storage tab (the 360 system that is, nothing to do with in-game menus)

The only time you would use BL2’s upload/download menu is if you want to transfer a save from BL2 on your old 360 to Handsome Collection version on your XB1.

The wording of it all can lead to confusion but cloud saves is a console feature, rather than a game-specific function like the upload/download. You may not have it turned on, on 360. I don’t believe it’s automatically on.

For the sake of clarity, go to your 360 and follow this:

Settings - System - Storage (on this screen you should see Hard Drive, and Cloud Saves). Highlight Cloud Saves and press Y for device options, and select enable. NOTE You must have Xbox Live Gold to use this feature.

Once you have enabled Cloud Saves, move to your hard drive and locate your Borderlands (or any game you want to use on the Xbox One) save file, Press A on it and select either Move (if you don’t intend to use it on your 360 again) or copy (if you may use the 360 again) and select Cloud Saves as the destination. This will upload the save to the cloud, allowing you to access in on the Xbox One. When you load the game up next time (via Xbox One), you will get a box pop up saying it is syncing Cloud Saves.

If you Move something by mistake you can still copy it back from the cloud saves in the same way you moved it to the cloud but select Cloud Saves first, instead of Hard Drive.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I hope this makes it clearer (maybe not) :smiley:

Ok you guys are not understanding I never had a xbix 360 only a one with the downloaded version of borderlands 1 i played it then bought borderlands handsome collection but for borderlands 1 there is no cloud save option

If you’re trying to import a Borderlands save into Borderlands 2, as previously stated that isn’t possible because they are two different games.

What @Vinterbris said (and has been pointed out above). You can’t use a Botrderlands 1 save in ANY version of Borderlands 2 (and vice versa). Completely different game, characters, skill trees, perk system, …