BL1 Buddies and Adding

(Flameo Hotman!) #1

Until I actually get the PC version of BL1, I will designate all of the BL time I have into BHC and BL1 on my ps4 and ps3. If anyone would like to play, add me on psn @mellowyellow4565. I have a level 26 mordecai and a level 11 Roland.

(Flameo Hotman!) #3

@Tokesy97 thanks, didn’t know even a subtle mention was taboo.

(xdlollersugaron) #4

Still playing BL1 on ps3? I have a level 69 Mordecai and I could help you level up.

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(Joshuaj359) #5

Just started bl1 over again looking help to level up fast

(xdlollersugaron) #6

On ps3?

(Joshuaj359) #7

Ps3 yes

(xdlollersugaron) #8

My psn is lumi-kissa, I could help you level

(Joshuaj359) #9

That would be great man mine is ssnake0888

(Mazrage3925) #10

I do…add me @Lolli_Slays

(Lmarino1980) #12

just started to play borderlands on ps3, luis_lem add me

(Samuraith) #13

If your still playing looking for people to farm crawmerax with, I’m having a difficult time.