Bl1 enhanced edition wont allow me to log into shift

title basically says all of it, but i get an error when i try to log into my shift account in-game. Can anyone else log into their shift account in game?

I was able to log into Shift just fine, but even after starting three brand new characters and importing one from the original I didn’t get the 75 keys. I have all three games on Steam and have played them all too. See if you can log into Shift outside of the game:
At least that will verify your shift account and credentials.

i could log in on browser, thats why i specified “In Game”
but yeah, my account credentials are accurate

I’ve been having literally the same exact problem you are. I’ve owned and played every game on like every platform. I submitted a ticket to gearbox directly days ago and they’ve still yet to get back to me on it.