BL1 Goty Enchanced Problem with key and Starter Weapons


I play like a lot of people i think on bordelands goty enchanced with some friend they all receive key and start weapons for fidelity and i got nothing :frowning:

What can i do i try everything …

Did you log into Shift ingame?

Yes and i try to reset my characters like 10 time, log and delog, play on borderlands 2 30 min,… I am really stuck :smiley:

Same here! I have all three games on Steam and have played them. I’ve created 3 new characters, made sure I was able to access Shift in game, and even imported one level 4 character from the original game and still no keys. This sucks!

Same issue as well. I’ve tried unlinking my Steam, XBL and such, and reinstalling, and still nothing. Really disappointed that this is still happening.

I think I found what the problem is. The rewards such as the two purple guns and the 75 golden keys can only be obtained by the platform you started playing Borderlands on. As an example, if you played Borderlands and set up your SHiFT account through Xbox originally, you can only gain the rewards on Xbox, not all the platforms you play on

This is extremely disappointing if this is the case. I’ve supported the company on both PC and Xbox One, and for them to be this limiting is kind of sad.

I shouldn’t have to shell out another $30 on Xbox just to get my rewards when I have the game on PC.

I’d missed that little detail on the instructions but you’re right - it’s not simply that you have to have played the game on the same platform.

That being the case, I wonder what would happen if (in your example) you unlinked only the XBox account from SHiFT, fired up BL2/TPS on PC, and then fired up BL1 on PC?

Tried that. Still nothing, sadly. It must still be considering my Xbox account as the only way that I can get the keys. Still not paying $30 just to get a reward I should be able to claim on PC instead.

I only have my steam linked and still haven’t gotten anything. I’m also waiting on a support ticket