BL1 GOTY online co-op not working (Xbox one)

Purchased the remastered original game on Xbox one yesterday, but there is a really bad problem with online co-op.
I’m able to join a friend and I’m also able to invite a friend in my game, but after 5 minutes we keep getting the message “you have been returned to the main menu due to disconnection from the host”.
We have tried restarting our games, restarting our console, we even tried different methods: invite directly from the Friends menu or selecting a friend then join current game… nothing seems to work.
After an afternoon of tries, we gave up. I really hope this problem can fixed.

I’m sorry for my bad english, I’m from Italy

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Same problem…

I’ve been having the same trouble with co-op. I’ve also tried restarting my wifi modem but it doesn’t help. Is this something on the server end of things maybe?

It appears to be a big problem over on PS4, with similar features to the intermittent but annoying problems in BL2 and TPS on XB1 (Handsome Collection).

Based on that, the suggestions would be:

  • Make sure your XBox network settings are NAT Type: Open
  • Host should try toggling their game to private/lan, then back again after the session has updated and send a party invite
  • Player can try joining an open random match; if successful, quit and try and join the desired match

You can also try contacting the support desk, although I understand response times are slow at the moment due to ticket volume:

Thank you for the reply. I’ll try your tips!

I have a some problem on PS4… It’s very bad…

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I have it on ps4 but maybe it will work on Xbox one too
This is what I did to fixed mine.

This method definitely goes beyond my abilities, but thanks a lot for sharing!
However, following the advice of VaultHuntr101, the disconnection now occurs approximately every 40 minutes. Me ad my best friend are keeping to play bein afraid costantly of the disconnection, always searching for a “little column” to get a savegame about our progress.
It’s not a nice way to play a game that we love so much.
I really hope for an update/patch that can fix the situation.

Did you file a support ticket?

Yes. Done it ^^

I’ve had a similar issue, and after playing with various combinations have determined a consistent work around for the Matchmaking issues present at launch (BL1-GOTY) for my setup at least. I have NOT found a way to get the native Matchmaking service to work.

For now I am able to join games, and have others join my games, so long as the game is joined via the Xbox Menus (under Friends/Groups). This only seems to work from a fresh instance of BL1, meaning that every time I quit a game to menu and tried to join a new game it hangs at the “looking for saves” prompt. I had mixed success trying to connect with BL1 not already running.

It looks hard but it’s really simple. All you have to do is login to your router and add your PS4’s Local IP to the DMZ menu and enable it! That’s it! If you need help let me know, I can walk you through. :smile:

I’ve read they done the ps4 patch. Someone has news about the Xbox one’s patch? ^^;