Bl1 GOTY super Marcus sweep

So after farming super Marcus sweep in Gen. Knoxx dlc, I decided to finish but got it glitched. I checked off the “collected loot” but never started the timer. I wanted to get the “like Christmas” started, so maybe I have chance at better loot. If anyone has that checkpoint that they could invite me to, I’d very much appreciate that. To clarify, looking to join someone, who has the Markus sweep mission, to clear mine, that is glitched out. Thank you!
PC “publicenema11” on steam.

I will have to check, but I think I still have marcus sweep open. Do you need it in remaster?

Yes, in the remastered.

Honestly, give that you’re on PC it might just be easiest to fix it with WillowTree!

Edit - here’s where you’d fix it. Your value for this objective would be 1, set it to 0.