BL1 - hardcore playthrough?

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I am going to try this until I die IRL or complete it. Here’s what has killed me so far.

  • PT1 roasted by Moe and Marley (got cocky and tried to fight them pre-safehouse)
  • PT1 blown up by grenade midget psycho in Sledge’s Safehouse.
  • PT1 Run over by bandits in Dahl Headland
  • PT1 Mad Mel, tried to fight in a vehicle, got blown up and flattened.
  • PT1 Mad Mel again, tried to fight on foot but got run over.
  • PT1 Jakobs fuel tank explosion in Jaynistown. Cleared the whole thing then blew myself up.
  • PT1 Rakk in Arid Badlands…seriously? Come on, dude.
  • PT1 Destroyer (stupid purple spikes). I was pissed about this one.
  • PT1 Circle of Slaughter Fire Skag. Don’t do this underleveled.
  • PT2 Run over by bandits in Dahl Headland. Crap! Longest run so far.
  • PT1 Ran off the edge in the Descent. Damn it all! I hate this game.
  • PT1 Mothrakk - killed her then delayed fireballs got me. Pay attention stupid!
  • PT1 Grenade psycho in Arid Hills. Keep at least one accurate weapon equipped for FFYL.
  • PT1 Grenade midget psycho in the Arid Badlands house basement. Careless and way underleveled.
  • PT1 Badass raider by the Arid Badlands house with the basement. Careless and way underleveled. What am I thinking?
  • PT1 Blown up by an ammo dump during Marcus missions, with full health and shields but no enemies.
  • PT1 Grenaded (I think?) in Old Haven after clearing out an area.
  • PT2.5 (!!!), killed by a Hyperion Grenadier-Trap in Sanders Gorge. Don’t bother trying to level proficiencies, just use the guns you’re good with!
  • PT1 Mad Mel, been a while since I died to him. You NEED a powerful and accurate weapon for this fight.
  • PT1 Badass skag in Skag Gully. In a hurry and careless.

I think I’ve decided what to do next. I’ve been playing a bit of Minecraft the past few months, and I find hardcore mode (one death and it’s over) frustratingly addictive. It takes a game where everything is cheap/replaceable (like BL1) and turns it into something where every single move is critical and each one must be carefully planned. I think after I finish the repeaters playthrough, I’ll give this a shot.

Any bets on how far I’ll get? I think I’ll probably survive just long enough to get run over in the Dahl Headlands.

I’m thinking I’ll play as Lilith, to give myself the best (?) shot at it. I see lots of chest/vendor farming and intentional over-leveling in my future. I think with enough of those two things it is certainly possible, but all it takes is one unnoticed grenade to ruin everything…

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Have some balls (of steel), do Shotgun Mordecai :smiling_imp:

(Totally joking, by the way.)

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Sounds like a fun idea. Once you start it be sure to keep us updated on your progress.

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I’d wager Mordecai would be easiest what with sniping buffs (revolver sniping especially) and Bloodwing.

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I tried that a year ago- got a Soldier to 69, completed all DLC on both playthroughs (aside from Underdome), farmed for weapons then attempted Crawmerax…got destroyed. Perhaps I’ll try it again someday.

Good luck with your runs man! :smiley:

(Liam) #6

At least you’d notice a stray grenade in time (possibly) - there’s a number of things in BL2 or TPS that kill you and make you think “How was I, in any possible way, meant to react to that?”

Good luck with it, and it sounds like fun!

The place I always died was Mad Mel, until I parked a runner at the top of the ramp, got in, then got out on the ramp so I could camp and shoot. Cheap? Yes. BL2 knows all about ‘cheap’! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Made it all the way to lv69, huh? That’s impressive.

I considered sniper Mordecai, but there are enough places with unavoidable close combat that I think Lilith might be easier (anyplace with skags, Safehouse, Baron Flynt, etc.) I’m considering Roland too, because Stat and Quick Charge are great.

As for Mad Mel, I’ll probably farm the Lucky’s chests and vendors til I get a defiler…they’re pretty common so I don’t think it’ll take too crazy long. Then as long as I stay out of the middle driving area I should be OK.

(Seansnyder2) #8


I remember the second-to-last time I attempted to kill Mad Mel. I was playing with some friends and we were all grouped together, wondering where the hell Mel was, then suddenly we all died and had no idea why. We hadn’t been hit by a rocket, we hadn’t been run over, our health and shields just went from full to zer0.

(haha - nailed it!) #9

i can’t imagine trying to get through the whole game without dying, but now i’ve played through everything and am on 2.5, i task myself with clearing individual maps of enemies - if i die, i quit the game and have to go back in and start again - that’s as ‘hardcore’ as it gets for me!

and there’s also the Underdome which i’m playing again ATM and obviously death there is final (btw has ANYONE ever survived the bit where you get about 10 seconds to save yourself at the top of the tower?!)

i get the whole ‘added tension’ thing but not sure i still wouldn’t find it boring to have to be THAT careful to avoid death - i get a real kick out of being a bit reckless sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think even if you kill something when you’re in the tower, it’s too late. Playing like this certainly isn’t for everyone, and probably isn’t for anyone all the time. Recklessness is fun! So is tension!

I did try this but only once so far, and didn’t last long. Moe killed me…probably should have ignored him.

(haha - nailed it!) #11

yeah Moe and Marley are hard

forgot to mention, when taking on a map, i also don’t allow myself to use the Scorpio which makes it harder…

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I really want to see rhys, Fiona, vaugn ,sasha, and mabye loader bot and gorty in borderlands 3 and also because I enjoy them rhys should like have a skill that uses his cyber arm to shoot laser speaking of laser I also like a laser gun in borderlands 3 Fiona which had the abilitie to use her hidden elemental pistol she can change the element and also the secret vault hunter

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I am still working on this, and instead of putting it in the other thread I’ll keep all my misadventures here.

I added a running list of my deaths to the top post. Right now I have a character doing loot runs of the claptrap chest in the Safehouse. Spawn, check machines, phasewalk all the way to the chest, save and quit, repeat til bored. Right now I’m trying to get ANY gun that is exciting…it’s been a boring run so far.

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(Bryanswpaulsen) #14

I have never farmed Sledge’s Safehouse for equipment.

I enter the Lost Cave at level 11 with the best sniper rifle the game has given me to that point. You are guaranteed one from the seed collecting mission T.K. Baha gives, so this strategy is always applicable. With absolute trash sniper rifles, at level 11, the worms take four critical hits to kill. With each level you gain the number of hits necessary to kill them is cut in half. By level 13 they are always a one shot with all sniper rifles that are not super trash (we’re talking level 5 Vladof Rusty Snipers with Barrel 1, which still take 2 shots at that point).

From there the worms are an easy farm, even when you are below them in level. After the three worm spawns are killed off two nearby chests can be farmed without getting attacked by enemies. This means you can get both experience and gear at little risk.

It’s such an easy approach that hitting level 19 three hours into a fresh run is the norm (I have never died to the worms, once you know their patterns they are trivial). It simply saves a lot of time and headaches.

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Here we go again! Not sure why I’m such a high level this time…

First reload into the Lucky’s farm gave me this. Yep, this should do nicely for Mad Mel.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #16

Got all three of these purple revolvers from the chest by the eridians. This one is good!

Um, Mad Mel will be toast.

So, I beat him pretty easily using that Jakobs revolver above. I think the corrosive revolver might have been better, but I didn’t want to wait til level 25 and I couldn’t get the machines to give up a Plaguebearer COM.

Managed to not be a moron and get killed here this time…

Best Spy I’ve ever gotten, by far

After clearing tetanus warrens, I noticed I never turned in the Skagzilla quest. I warped back to Lucky’s, checked the weapon machine…now THIS is a Mad Mel killer. Too bad he’s already dead. I’ll have this gun well into PT2, I think.

(Geomason) #17

Nice spy you got there!

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Blown up by an exploding ammo dump while investigating direct sales for Marcus. Full health, full shields, no enemies around.

Makes me want to bash my face on the desk.

At least I died with this in my hands.

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Starting again, of course.

Mag5 shotgun right off the bus…!

Popped out with the lady finger:

Crikey…playing the wrong character, aren’t I?

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #20

Thanks, Safehouse chest…the other is a TD shock, so no good.