BL1 - hardcore playthrough?

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #21

Made it through Mad Mel, so easy going for a while. I’m about to enter Earl’s Scrapyard…

This thing sucks! I think it’s the first hellfire I’ve found on any one-life playthrough, and it would be hard to get a worse one…the recoil is crap-tastic.

Mad Mel Killer this time around…I LOVE the vector accessory!


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #22

Just in time for Old Haven…no problems so far!


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #23

Died in Old Haven. I think it must have been a souped-up grenade? Full health, nearly full shields, one explosion and I was down with nothing around. This is the kind of death I always thought would dominate these playthroughs, but it’s the first time that it has actually happened.

I think I’ll take a break for a while…


(band) #24

Maybe one of those awful gas containers caught a stray bullet?


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #25

No, everything was dead for a second or two. Must have been a grenade!

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(odiscordia) #26

The progression of this post reminds me of tk bahas logs that you hear in the mission to get the ladyfist in bl2 haha. Welp, I died in old haven! I’m sure everything will be OK


(Bryanswpaulsen) #27

There is a reasonable chance it was a Vladof Proximity Mine. They hang around long after enemies are dead, and I had a situation where it downed a level 69 Blast Master Brick at full health and shield during a Crimson Fastness farming run. It was definitely the most annoying way I ever lost a no death character.

Ever since that time I stay aware of the ground around me after enemies are killed off.


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #28

Can’t stop won’t stop…help me

Bought from Lucky’s, guess I have to get to level 25 before Mad Mel this time…not a great gun but it did the job.


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #29

Had a long weekend and got in a few hours! I am through PT1 vanilla (for only the second time) and Zombie Island. I started Robolution and will probably just go far enough to get the SDU, then switch to PT2. Probably. I haven’t quite decided yet - I may finish Robolution to get access to the gift shop, then do the PT1 Underdome. Decisions, decisions.

I did get caught by a proximity mine in the Hyperion Dump, but it didn’t kill me…healthgate or luck? Not sure. I’ve always believed the healthgate prevents being 1-shot (easy to see during the Craw fight) so I suspect what got me in New Haven was a MIRV or something. Or I had taken some health damage and not noticed…

Still using this…at level 40 now I could certainly use an upgrade.

Not an upgrade, because I hate hellfires with no scopes:

Yep yep

This served as my “anarchy” for a while…

Too expensive and I probably won’t use it…

Hooray, I love the vector accessory. Except on this POS.

This is good…popped Zombie heads very nicely!

Cool, but an Equalizer and Hammer do this merc no good…

another Hammer one minute later

Steady…stay on target…this spot is where I fell off last month.


Best drop I’ve ever gotten from the Destroyer


(How much time do we have?) #30

Congratulations! Never seen the Destroyer drop a legendary myself, so extra congrats for that. Is there another one lurking just behind the barrel of your weapon, or is that just the money loot spike being a bit funky?


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #31

Sure looks like an orange beam doesn’t it…I don’t think there was another though. On second look, the money beam on the upper left looks similar.

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After a week or so off, I got some time in last night. I played through the claptrap SDU in Robolution, so just past Knoxx-trap, then decided to go on to PT2.

So, I’m back at the beginning of the game. Boooorinng…but exciting at the same time. Outrageously overleveled as usual, fighting level 32 bandits with a level 42 hellfire-wielding Lilith. At least I’m moving quickly!

Shield upgrade from a Claptrap…

Not gonna use it, but TK has been burying some nice stuff lately!


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #33

Moving slowly due to work and in-law visits…

With this update, I’m now the furthest I’ve ever been. My only other time in PT2, I got run over while trying to kill the 8 bandit runners. Got to clear the rest of the Headlands missions, then farm up something new for Mad Mel. PT2 is usually pretty slow for weapon upgrades, since levels increase so slowly…


(odiscordia) #34

So you have to go thru both pts? Idk man kudos to you. There’s too many cheap shots for me to do it. Like proximity mines for instance. Getting run over instakilled… no thanks


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #35

Yeah…hopefully both playthroughs, and all DLC in PT2.5. Most places aren’t bad, and the healthgate will protect you from being one-shot…most of the time. I don’t think a proximity mine can kill you in one shot, but I’m not sure. I know a Jakobs fuel tank can…BTDT. Most deaths are due to carelessness.

PT2 has new challenges. Enemies now can trash your vehicle if you try to run over them…which is a hard habit to break! Assuming I make it past Mad Mel, I think I’ll be walking everywhere in the Rust Commons - I can’t risk a badass spiderant popping up right in front of me.

May be premature, but I’m already worried about the driving in Knoxx. I’ll probably just use a Monster everywhere…best weapons and enough speed for a patient man like me. I’m certain a Racer will just get me killed.

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(odiscordia) #36

I don’t use anything but monsters. Lancers are useless and you can get anywhere just as fast in a monster really as a racer. There’s hardly anywhere you can let out the turbo without running into something.


(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #37

Don’t forget that in Pt2 you can use a fast travel and skip many dangerous places…


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #38

It’s been a good half hour. Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh…


I will miss my scope…but oh yes!

Icing on the cake, an incremental Merc upgrade on my way to Mr. Mel!?

Victory! Lest you think I’m a pansy, I’ll have you know I fought down below and only jumped back up here to take the photo.

And, why not get this on the first try too?


(odiscordia) #39



(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #40

Creeping along here - haven’t had any notable difficulties running back and forth through the various Rust Commons missions. Feels great to be in PT2, and I hope I can still continue this past wednesday’s update…

Did get this - time to start working on pistol proficiency perhaps.