[BL1] If you could add skills to Brick the Berserker, what would they be?

(df) #1

Just for fun, if Brick’s skill trees were expanded so that they had as much complexity as BL2’s character, this is what it could look like. I think any additional skills should supplement what the character (or tree) lacks while not making the game overly easy. In this case, Brick needs more melee strength in UVHM, a few gun skills and a little versatility in each tree.

I’m going to keep each tree 4 tiers, with the original capstone being the final skill, but I’m going to add 5-point skills to the middle of the first 3 tiers of each tree


Tier 1: FLURRY OF FISTS (0/5)

  • +5% melee attack speed


  • When you are downed while Berserking
  • +10% fire rate for all guns
  • +12% damage for all guns

Tier 3: HAYMAKER (0/5)

  • The higher your level, the more melee damage you deal.
  • Also ,+6% more damage for left hook while Berserking


Tier 1: ENDURE (0/5)

  • +3% damage resistance

Tier 2: CORNERED (0/5)

  • You deal +0.2% damage for each percent of your health is lost.

Tier 3: POINT-BLANK (0/5)

  • The first bullet of a loaded Shotgun deals +20% more damage


Tier 1:EXTRA BOOM (0/5)

  • Kill Skill
  • +8% chance of gaining a free Grenade

Tier 2: NO CONTROL (0/5)

  • you deal +10% more damage overall
  • you take +15% more damage from all sources

Tier 3: FIREWORKS (0/5)

  • rocket launchers gain:
  • +10% fire rate
  • +10% reload speed
  • +3 overall capacity