[BL1] If you could add skills to Mordecai, what would they be?

Complexifying the trees a bit, like BL2. Adding a middle skill for the first tiers of each tree.


Tier 1: CAMO (0/5)
+8% Damage Resistance while aiming a Sniper Rifle.
Tier 2: AUTOMATIC (0/5)
+8% Fire Rate and +6% Reload Speed for Sniper Rifles
Tier 3: AMBIDEXTROUS (0/5)
Killing an enemy with a Sniper Rifle increases your
Weapon Swap Speed by 10% for a few seconds and
increases damage for non-Sniper guns by 10% for a few seconds.


Tier 1: SURVIVAL (0/5)
Your health bar regenerates by 20% if you’re out of combat for a while.
Tier 2: MORALE (0/5)

  • 6% Gun Damage while Bloodwing is active.
    Tier 3: BEST FRIEND (0/5)
    Kill Skill. Bloodwing inflicts +20% damage for the next 5 seconds.


Tier 1: MY SIX (0/5)
+6% Damage for Revolvers
+1.2% Health Regen when reloading a Revolver after a kill.
Tier 2: COWBOY (0/5)
+10% Reload Speed for Revolvers
Tier 3: INSTINCTS (0/5)
+20% melee damage against an enemy that damaged you.
+5% health renegeration upon a melee kill.