BL1 on PS4/XB1? Randy says [s]maybe[/s] CONFIRMED!

No, but the GBX panel at PAX East is this coming Thursday 2-3 eastern (check for the live stream). So I’m assuming more information will be coming then.

Well there we go. BL1 remaster on console…no mention of PC but it is listed in the ESRB link above.

Minimap, heads and skins, shift codes, upscaled textures, and changes to the “final boss fight”. Destroyer drops a ton more loot?

Just don’t screw up the loot system or gun handling…please…


If I got the details right from the stream, the Handsome Collection Remastered for PC includes ALL the content (including the BL1 remaster) in up to 4K UHD glory. Time for new GPUs and screens for the PC crowd?

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I missed that somehow - heard them talk a bunch about console only. That big montage of Handsome Collection content didn’t show the BL1 stuff did it? I’ll have to watch again later.

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They talked about the PC HC remaster first, then the remaster for console.

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OK, the clip they couldn’t get to work is on YT. There’s a golden chest, can’t tell where. Skills/weapon proficiencies are changed in some way…Sniper and Rogue skills are visible.

Edit - They didn’t get rid of the radar at the bottom…Sweet!

Some stills:

4-player splitscreen shows minimap setups.

Gold chest.

new head/skin screen w/ proficiencies. D-fault head FTW!


Here come the articles. Looks like it’ll be replacing BL1 on Steam, people who already have it will get upgraded for free.
Minimap is toggleable.

Six new legendary weapons have been added to the game, too, which you can unlock by hoovering up Golden Keys or by defeating bosses


Oops, sniper and rogue are the names of Mordy’s skill trees. Maybe proficiencies aren’t changed, can’t tell.

Looks like you can choose heads, but “skins” are still just the color palettes (though with more colors than before…i think?)

A few more stills:



I don’t think I like that. I mean, free upgrade yeah, as long as it’s an upgrade…

I hope they don’t fark up this game. OTOH, my life will get more productive if they do.


Releasing April 3rd.


Yeah, I’m a little worried too.


Worried about what, exactly? It looks like mostly the same game with enhanced HUD, some cosmetic tricks from BL2, and a more meaningful Destroyer. I’m in for the XB1 version!


Thanks for linking the article. Highlights:

  • minimap is toggleable
  • “inventory is simplified” whatever that means. I hope it’s not turned into something glitchy like BL2’s interface, but there’s definitely room for improvement in the old one. EDIT - another article says “inventory updates that allow players to lock and label weapons as junk”
  • health and ammo autopickup (yeah!!)
  • final boss encounter changed, and with better loot. Destroyer was always boring, so this could be really good.
  • 6 new legendary weapons!!!
  • Golden keys via shift, and a golden chest somewhere in the world.

No mention of save compatibility between the old and new versions. It’s probably safe to say all the old mods will no longer work, but we’ll have to see about that. If the 4-player slider still works, I’ll be happy for now!

I am excited but nervous…I hope this is like the Skyrim remaster, where the old one remains in your steam library if you want to play that instead of the new one.

Either way, I’ll be eagerly trying it out on Wednesday.


Worried that the loot system is changed, or the gun handling is different, or something else we can’t see from the trailer.

Six new legendaries added to the pool makes all my Craw farming work irrelevant…but that’s OK, if this is a straight upgrade.

I really hope if they did further rework, they fixed a bunch of the crap the community identified all those years ago. Broken weapons, class mods, naming glitches, etc.

Who’ll be the first to race through Knoxx, to see if the ledge or the armory glitch still are there?


On XB1 and PS4 it will almost certainly count as a new game. I doubt the saves would be transferable from 360 -> XB1 (based on how the whole ecosystem works there).


Yeah, that’s a given…just wondering about PC. We will find out soon.


Since the original BL1 is in the PC Handsome Collection already available, with the remaster being a free udpate, I’d hazard a “likely maybe”? The big difference on XBox is the way saves are handled, period - not just the perma-cloud sync on XB1, but differences in bundling/encryption.


melt got most of it.
Really, I’m glad we’re getting a remaster as it’s a chance for a lot of the little wishlist things we’ve been building up for the last ~8 years to get implemented. That said, we’ve known that also means some of the things we love have a chance to be erased from the game.
Farmory is contentious, and rightly so. As it is, it’s pretty much outside the intended BL1 gameplay loop. But Farmory is a great way to enjoy looting, as Craw simply isn’t everyone’s speed, or it can be a stand-in loot source until you’re geared up or confident enough to face Craw yourself.

Really, I would have zero reason to be worried if I had a way to play BL1 Remastered one evening, and then later that night play OG BL1. The way it’s sounding, OG BL1 will disappear from my platform of choice(PC, Steam). There’s just some uncertainty there.

To sum up, I’m old and cranky and particular that the game I’ve fallen in love with will… cease? I’m being dramatic.


More shots, from some of the articles:

New gun!! Some articles say the 6 new ones have custom skins.

Another of the golden chest w/ Lilith’s tush. Still no clue where this is.

More heads!


Nice hat!