BL1 on PS4/XB1? Randy says [s]maybe[/s] CONFIRMED!

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I dunno about you guys, but I am excited as ■■■■ about this. No reservations. Not skeptical. I don’t worry about the loot system. The way it is is a huge part of BL1s charm and I trust they wouldn’t alter it negatively.

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Hey…good to see you around here!

Maybe one of you purple folks could split today’s discussion into a new thread - doesn’t really belong in an old one…sorry about that.

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Obviously, no one outside GBX knows how the Remaster will be implemented yet for current PC owners. It may be a patch to the existing game, or it may be implemented as the Bioshock Remasters, which were separate games that were added to owners’ Steam libraries, allowing owners to play both versions. I agree that it would suck to have the original game erased.

I’m also interested in seeing what changes have been made outside those already announced: can playthrough 2 be reset? Will quests and their rewards level to the cap after the final boss is defeated? Will the DLC leveling change? Meta-game type stuff. The remaster is releasing n 5 days, surely GBX would publish a complete list of changes.

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I wonder if some of the new legendaries are the infamously glitched ones like the Draco, etc. Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

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I think it’s fine as-is - all three platforms are getting the remaster.

Anyway, there’s already quite the scattershot of threads across the entire forums after today’s PAX event. No need to add to the carnage!

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Really hoping for this.

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I mean it’s a week away, you’d think there’d be some stuff set up on both ends for this by now. Not that it changes anything for us, not arguing anything there.

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with mini map.??!! oh boy, will definitely buy this.

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If you have bl1 you won’t need to :smiley:

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I am on PS4 though.

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yeah gosh stouty stop being so shellfish

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Why in the world are they adding new weapons to the remaster? That’s reason enough for me to not buy it

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It is somewhat disconcerting to me as well, would have preferred the knowledge they just fixed bugs with the existing ones.

However, from another perspective this could just be treated as a new gaming experience altogether. Even if they did change a lot there is no doubt at all I would enjoy it, the only question that would remain for me is whether I can enjoy it as much.

Failing to enjoy the remaster as much would not be criticism of it - Borderlands 1 is still my favorite game of all time.

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So it seems physical copies are GameStop exclusive. Is there any word on countries without GameStop getting physical copies somehow?

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We’ve all been so patient, some even abandoned hope. I wasn’t sure we’d ever see a remaster. Oh man, does my heart overflow right now. Beyond excited for this.

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I pre-ordered my copies (one PS4, one Xbox, I’m obsessed, I know) from the 2k Store on-line, not GameStop. Looks like they ship to the U.S., Canada and Mexico, if that helps. All from the web site.

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I’m actually looking for UK. Not even for myself lol. Who knows, maybe something will pop up in the next few days.

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Why the hell is it free for pc players XP

How much will it cost for xbox players? If they did fix glitches, I really hope they got rid of that effing “Keep Your Insides Inside” glitch mission. Should have been patched years ago.

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it is $29.99 on PS4.

anybody know when it will be available overseas? it is not yet in Playstation store.