BL1 on PS4/XB1? Randy says [s]maybe[/s] CONFIRMED!

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That’s not a bad price. I’ll be getting it digital, though… My gst cheque comes on the 5th so I’ll be able to grab an Xbox points card and buy it then

Still hope they fixed the stupid glitch missions and we can still farm pearls from the armory.

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I think they said six new legendary weapons? Doesn’t seem like that big a deal if so. Maybe they’re the fixed versions of some of those weird ones.

Never mind - just read the details on the pre-order page. “Lots of guns”. Hmm…

It’s a different game (port) on XB1 and PS4, so my guess is because it’s not as simple as changing out the graphics resources for higher quality ones. The ports of BL2 and TPS also took quite a bit of work to get running.

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The things i saw mentioned 6 legendary guns, but “lots of guns” is a lot worse

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Holy crap, 5 days from now! Anyone else taking wednesday off? Im gonna spend all day with it, looking through my list, and checking things off. Im thinking roland.

I just need to know if the DLC’s have fast travel stations. Aslo, I really hope they fixed sniping, CANT WAIT!!

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I’ve been checking the PS store every few hours lol. I would just pre order through but i already have like $50 on the PS store just sitting there. I just want to give them my freaking money!

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Any official word about european retail release?

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Anyone recognize these weapons? Seems that these may be new as well, or new skins at the very least.

SMG in the upper right…odd material? Sort of looks like the Typhoon but that can’t be elemental, right?

I don’t recognize the barrel or material on this one. Muzzle flash is odd too.

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They’re adding at least 6 new legendary weapons

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Yeah I know - speculating that these are some of them, like that yellow-splashed repeater a few posts above.

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There’s some sort of strange effect over the top right SMG, see all those black squiggles? That’s not a texture, you can see it over Brick’s hand. I can’t think of any existing effect that does that.

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IGN has an early review and some gameplay footage (start through Blinding Nine Toes), as well as a short graphics comparison between the two versions.

Some stills, of course:

The start of the original 2009 game

The start of the remaster - note the tweaks to the grass and addition of rocks. This makes sense, just filling the world with a little more detail. We can also see the minimap and tweaks to the appearance of the health/shield bars.

Also - FOV is wider!

New-U window. Unfortunately they didn’t show the proficiency screen.

Mission window - seems that some are now clearly marked as story missions vs. side missions, though the gameplay doesn’t go far enough to see side missions. The mission text seems to be identical, and most of it still is not read aloud by the NPCs as in BL2.

Mission markers now are visible from far away and have a distance in meters shown above them…hopefully toggleable IMO:

Vendor GUI - looks vaguely similar to BL2.

There are a few important things they don’t show. For example, they don’t open the inventory screen at all during the video. So, no clues yet how it’s organized beyond speculation based on the vendor GUI. I’m still hoping for a weapon inspection feature, but that was available in the BL2 vendors so it looks like it’s missing here.

Stoked for tomorrow!

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I just want to see the new legendaries XD. Hopefully there is some new hybrid potential. Stoked about the respawnable bosses so I can now finally turn in King’s Tossing. Hopefully these apply to the Atlas assassins too so farming a Spectre won’t be such a pain.

Abit disappointed they have not included an option to reset playthrough though, hopefully the release will surprise us.

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Where’d you hear about respawning bosses? Or the lack of a playthrough reset?


Early streams of Remastered BL1

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Huh, didn’t think to check there. Playthrough reset would have been nice. Anyone watch any of those streams? And happen to notice the Craw ledge or Armory glitch?

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I’m watching the Gothalion/Bahroo coop stream (currently interrupted because of Steam doing down for maintenance :stuck_out_tongue: ) and one of them mentioned that the farmory has NOT been patched.

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FOV slider on PC! yay


I’m pretty sure for console too like in Handsome Collection.

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So this is released for XB1 tomorrow but I’m not seeing anyway to buy it. I’m assuming it’s a separate game and not an upgrade to the 360 version like with PC but I was hoping to buy it now and then it would be ready for launch.

Anyone any news on how XB1 players can get this or do you think it will be a case of waiting until tomorrow and it being on the store then? I was hyped to play this from midnight onward tbh.

My sister saw the trailer for BL3 and loved the look of it but was too young to play the original and never played BL2 either so wanted to play through them all with her before the release of BL3


You need wait for Store update, the same for PS4 owners.