BL1 on PS4/XB1? Randy says [s]maybe[/s] CONFIRMED!

It is indeed a separate game, and it is being released (as in, going on sale) tomorrow. There’s a limited pre-order thing you can find on the site, but there are no pre-order bonuses, so there’s no real advantage to buying it today.

I wasn’t too fussed about bonuses I just wanted to have it bought and ready to play at midnight that’s all, guess i’ll just have to wait eagerly for the store to update

I was actually excited to do the same (buy it at midnight. It was a no-brainer. Now that I have heard there is possibly no game reset? Eh, I am not so sure I will buy it. I am on XBox One so I can still play the 360 version. For some reason the game reset thing matters to me, I think. This is the primary dissatisfaction I have always had with BL1, I guess. Seems like an easy fix.*

  • To be clear, I am aware that everyone else also thinks the bug or feature in BL1 that they want fixed is an “easy fix,” and am therefore also aware of the irony of saying “easy fix.”:thinking:

This is the one thing I’ve been trying to get ANY info on, at all. Multiple questions on Twitter ignored, 2K Support won’t respond, tried a message to Gearbox Support today, we’ll see. I have a lot of time invested in the original and don’t want to start over (again, because I did once before already.)

Seems like a no-brainer that this would be included, because we could export from last-gen versions of Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel to import into current gen systems on both Xbox One and PS4, so I would be willing to bet this is something that should be included.

Also, FWIW, I saw a post by some guy on Reddit on March 30 saying that the Xbox 360 version has been updated to include an “Export Character” option, for import into the Remaster, but I’m not home right now and can’t confirm…

There was an unannounced update when I booted the b/c game up on XB1 a couple of days ago (~660 MB), but I didn’t think to check menu options. I’ll do that when I get home.

Can 100% confirm that there is a character export on the 360 version as of right now. That is new, IIIRC.


Very cool! Curious how it will work for PC, if it’s as simple as dragging over a save file or if it’s something more complicated.

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This seems promising, but I will hold my breath until I hear whether it has a “reset game” option too. It really will suck if they let you bring over your character, but not replay the story and side missions.

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Thanks for checking, Tyson!

This is a total guess on my part, but I wonder if the PC update is literally that, an update, so it’s just updating the existing PC assets, but using the same file structure (and same save game, etc.)? That would make it a lot easier, and probably why they had to write a special tool to be able to do it on Consoles, but again, I’m guessing.

and why it will be free too

not as simple for consoles and probably why it’s a paid separate game

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Okay, further confirmation:

I don’t know if this just means it lets you import your character and forces you to start over, or if it’s just to import existing characters into the DLC storylines, OR, if it truly lets you just pick up where you left off… The guy who posted this replied that this is an image of the PC version, and I would think they would add that functionality across systems (since they’ve done it before in the other games.) Fingers crossed!


Looks like it’s going to work exactly like BL2 360 -> XB1 (HC)


(Please excuse the wonky camera shots!)


That information is SWEET to be having!

Sorry for the awkward nature of that sentence, I know it sounds like Borat, but this system won’t let me respond simply with “SWEET.” It tells me the message body is “unclear, did you use a complete sentence?” That’s great. The digital overlords are critiquing our conversational grammar now.

Thanks! Or, to put it so the message board gods will clearly understand it: “I have all the thankings to be given for you!” Yeah, that’s loads better. :rofl:

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PS3 version got an update too, but it’s not showing anything new in the menu.

I just checked and it shows “export character” option in my menu on PS3

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So does that mean it will be easily hacked like BL2 and TPS? Because that’s basically 75% of the people i run into on console. Modded BARS, terrible modded weapons, backpack mods, and they are so proud of it.