BL1 on PS4/XB1? Randy says [s]maybe[/s] CONFIRMED!

Perhaps it is not active yet where I live. After a full re-install it stil did not show up. I’ll see tomorrow, I suppose.

Fixed it. My PS3 failed to log into PSN everytime.

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At least on Xbox One, you CAN import a character from 360. You CANNOT, however, reset a playthrough. Bummer.

Thanks, Hunter! I’ll drop the excited caps, that should help! I don’t know HOW people will know I’m enthusiastic, but I’ll just have to try! :wink: :smile:

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:bldancing: :blyoohoo: :blhappy:

Can I clarify, Tyson - I’m a little confused. You’re wanting a way to import the character, but NOT keep the mission progress? ie, start over from scratch but with the advanced character? Just making sure I understand.

Did you get it yet, to test it? It brings you in with full mission progress, but no way to start over?

PC should be FAR easier to hack and modify than any console because of direct access to the save/character file. As an Xbox Ambassador, I strongly suggest reporting users who do that on EITHER console, because it’s a violation of their Terms of Service and Code of Conduct (I know for certain it is for MS/Xbox, and I can’t imagine Sony/PS doesn’t have similar clauses.) They’re essentially modding files that are meant not to be modded as part of a closed system/OS.

This is a feature in both BL2 and TPS: the third play-through (UVHM) allows you to reset back to the beginning, clearing all missions/side quests while retaining gear, level, BAR, etc. It’s a nice feature, since it gives you more to do at end-game than the BL1 Pt2.5.

Also, the FORUM RULES explicitly address save file modding - discussion here is strictly forbidden. There’s more addressing game mods etc., but that is restricted to PC only precisely for the console TOS reasons you mentioned.

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Thanks once again, Hunter! Yoooouu… are a GENIUS! :slight_smile:

cross saves allow them to hack it nearly just as easy as pc. Just with a couple extra steps. And trust me, i’d say half of the players i run into on PS4 have a modded weapon equipped. It makes me very sad

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This is why I only co-op with my kids and folks I meet here on the forums. Doesn’t guarantee you’re not going to run into dubious items, but it’s far less common that way.


Yeah i try to do the same, I just am always helping people out when they need it. Like if they are looking for something in particular. Guess i need to be more cautious in who i help

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Did they at least fix that stupid KYII glitch mission? XP If you were playing online and joined someone who had it on the 360, your character would get it and it could royally eff things up even if your character was still only on playthrough 1 and well past the shield mission

I am hoping that they built some sort of “sanity check” into the import process on the XB1/PS4 side. I inherited that and one other glitched mission on a couple of my saves.

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There are other glitch missions? KYII is the only one I’ve really heard about and unfortunately, due to needing to shuffle things between characters for reasons of storage, all my characters have it

I started a PS4 Community for members here on forums:


Nice! I may have to create a Club on Xbox for this same purpose! I’ll post once I get home and can set this up.

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Applied. Name is yoikat btw


I also have Communities for BL2 & BL3

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Is anyone else experiencing a horizontal line constantly appearing on the screen while moving? I don’t know how to explain it. Screen tear maybe? Reminds me of playing on my crappy laptop lol

Am I the only one who still can’t find it on xbox store?